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Dumping grey water on blm land

dumping grey water on blm land I should mention that we returned home with about a third of our fresh water and our propane unused. Cory Gardner quickly followed the report with his own announcement taking credit for the decision that he lobbied to secure. You will want to collect rain water run grey water systems and develop water all on the QT shhhhhhhh. 00 and ask you to leave if you are sighted or reported for it. Do not dump grey water near other water sources. In some areas dumping grey water on the ground is permissible. Black tank filling If you are going to be boondocking for any length of time black tank fillage could be an issue. Here is a reply from BLM in AZ. RV 39 s should dump grey water only at approved dump stations. to Grand Junction Colorado as E amp E News first reported today. Bureau of Land Management BLM owns another 72. Jan 01 2020 In some areas dumping grey water on the ground is permissible. In that they talk about running your grey water through cheesecloth. These spots are fairly easy to find with the right apps and resources and a Mar 21 2016 After more trips to the dump station than we can count we ve found the following to be our preferred method for dumping the RV holding tanks. Jul 15 2020 Free Camping Sites BLM Bureau of Land Management. Also remember that you ll have to break camp just to move your RV to the dump station as well. We also use them when dumping our travel trailer at RV dump stations. When the other one gets near full however you 39 ve got to find a designated dumping spot to put it. For example Arizona technically allows the dumping of wash water on some BLM land while Montana disallows the dumping of any grey water. Boondockers Welcome RV club that allows you to park free on private property. You ve got three holding tanks on your RV one is for potable water your freshwater tank one is for used tap water your greywater tank and one is for sewage blackwater . Dec 06 2015 There are fines for grey water dumping in many areas and on COE lands they strictly enforce it. Washing dishes or dumping grey water Dump grey water in designated areas. Very few are free. 9. We provide clean bedding and pillows covered with wipeable cover to disinfect between guests kitchenware and useful accessories charging ports fan headlamp . Environmental Appeals and Litigation a Forest Service site with information about agency land management planning and appeals. Featured Documentation Reinitiation of the Coordinated Long Term Operation of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project Final Biological Assessment Central Valley Project CA Mid Pacific Region U. For us this typically involved parking up for a night or two on BLM land Respect the land you use no matter how far you are into the Forest and never dump your Grey Water Tank from your Camper. Your grey water puts a great limitation on how long you can nbsp Bureau of Land Management Indian Creek Campground BLM details and area map gate to dump station may be closed find manager to open Latitude 38. If you go East on I 8 from San Diego you ll eventually drive past it on your way to Yuma AZ. Only the BLM however makes an exception for wash water . Pets Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash no longer than six 6 feet. The Bureau of Parks and Lands currently continues to accept camping reservations for the 2020 season. it would be not legal to drain gray water. Also Dry camping at Walmart on BLM land in my driveway or on street for guests then there 39 s mooch docking at a friend 39 s home on beach campgrounds and parks without dumps where you can empty in a portable outhouse. Here is some more information on how to cook without a kitchen on the road. Apr 12 2020 The grey tank alone holds 35 45 gallons of water. If you re boondocking on BLM land or in a National Park you ll also have to contend with Federal laws as well. Illegal dumping on BLM managed public land often engenders additional dumping in the same area a circumstance called promiscuous dumping. Camping on BLM land has the potential to really put you in the middle of nowhere so know your limits and be sure to bring extra supplies. The Bureau of Land Management has recommended untenable changes to our permit. BLM Land North Jan 25 2015 BLM and SITLA did a very large land swap back in 2014 a lot of the SITLA lands on Kane creek Corona Arch and some other plots were traded to BLM for lands in Big Flat and up in the Books cliffs. The U. Anyone can drive in and out of the campgrounds that have sink washing facilities. Be sure to check all nbsp 19 May 2020 Among the many sources of ocean pollution none are as prevalent or as solvable as grey water from ships. Dumping Galley amp Gray Water I like to go dry camping boondocking. Once all the water has emptied push the grey handle to close the grey tank and remove the sewer hose. Larger containers translate to a longer time that the RV can remain self sufficient. We carry 3 7 gallon water containers in the van that we fill if we know we ll be boondocking for a while and use a siphon to re fill the Airstream s tank from the jugs. South of I 10 and running on both sides of Route 95 is the La Posa Long Term Visitor Area LTVA . there are dump stations in town as well as all other services that a camper needs . boondocking essentially staying somewhere in your RV without hookups. If you have onboard plumbing facilities with black and greywater holding tanks your RV can be used for boondocking. It 39 s only polite. Much of this BLM land is available to the public for free. Your pets could become someone else 39 s pest. Fish trees and animals are important wildlife resources that we depend on for survival. Expect Cell Phone problems deep in the Wildlife Refugees or BLMs cell phone problems will be an issue. How to Dispose of Grey Water. And always at night by daytime the puddle has evaporated . May 17 2019 The U. BLM Bureau of Land Management. One question people ask is whether they can dump their grey water while boondocking well the answer is no. However we recognize that because of changing COVID 19 conditions the availability of State Park campgrounds may be modified accordingly in the future. Dogs are also allowed on BLM land Just be sure to pick up after them and bring enough food water for them. Depending on your permit you may have to pay to dump. P traps all around to contain any odors might even do one after the diverter valve we talked about. 2 million acres of Alaska. Jul 23 2020 Every RVer must eventually deal with dumping their waste water tanks. wandering jimmy 48 614 views. Dumping black water on the ground is never permitted. Well while riding through the south side of the Yuma Proving Grounds heading west towards the Imperial Dam water diversion project we continued further west till we came upon this smaller dam. This happened to us about every 3 5 days I suppose it probably depends on how much you eat. There are several ways to Don t dump it Dumping large amounts of untreated water on the playa introduces contaminants and can turn the clay into instant slippery sticky mud. United States Code Title 16 Chapter 2 National Forests laws governing the establishment and administration of the National Forests. Some states even prohibit it and lots of areas have regulations on waste water dumping even on your own land. Sep 12 2019 1. The Bureau of Land Management plans to relocate its headquarters from Washington D. This can make walking nasty for your neighbors and violates Burning Man 39 s contract with the Bureau of Land Management. The top of Blow Sand Hill provides a nice view of the desert for miles. 807075. The Bureau of Land Management has over 400 BLM campgrounds almost all suitable for RV camping. Usually you can just tow or drive your rig to a nearby dump station connect a hose straight from the RV to the intake pull the release valves and wash your troubles away. SITLA wants to make money on their lands but hey do not want the hassle of organized campgrounds. S. Or as UrbanDictionary refers to it Those people who are staying overnight in parking lots are boondocking. Black Water Our black water tank will last about a week and a half which is a decent amount of time for us to be at any In some areas dumping grey water on the ground is permissible. Only use an RV dump station to empty your nbsp No utility services are available but BLM provides potable water available from storage tanks and waste holding tanks. It s just before the park s southern entrance on Cottonwood Springs Road. I think the way you do it is fine as it 39 s no more at a time than a tent camper would dump. Water amp Dump in Quartzsite AZ. Cassettes also have their own water so you don 39 t waste scarce freshwater. I guess on public lands there are codes that may allow one to do that if a hole was dug or something i m not sure about that have read pros and cons about it. BLM Bureau of Land Management land is free for everyone to use and often has both developed and dispersed camping areas. Of course not all National Forest land is super accessible to drive into with a motor home. La Posa Long Term Visitor Area in Quartzsite Arizona is a collection of 4 BLM designated campgrounds located off of Highway 95 approximately 2 miles south of Quartzsite and offers vault toilets dry dump station dump station with water water station and trash service. this includes bb guns pellet guns slingshots bows and arrows. Contact Us the Bureau of Land Management BLM for pur poses of public recreation. Here are good tips for keeping RV holding tanks in good working order. Dec 27 2017 There is a strict rule on camping BLM land and Crown Land in Canada no emptying of grey water shower kitchen sink bathroom sink water anywhere other than the dumping stations. The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have extensive websites with information for all of the different areas they manage. See the brief article in Boondocking News here Jan 20 2019 Question Where do you dump your black water and grey water when you 39 re boondocking Answer If you are boondocking on BLM land there are usually dump stations at the check in area where you can either drive your rig to dump or take your quot blue boy quot to dump. Texas Army Corps campgrounds. Only from tubs where you catch the water like dish washing etc. C. Lots of quot gray quot areas in the rules. Can I get rid of black water when I 39 m camping off the cord or boondocking No Black water is not only foul it 39 s filled with dangerous bacteria that can spread disease. I say it s better safe than sorry and you should try and always dump your RV grey tank in a sewer. Jul 24 2019 Most often called the Dump Station but sometimes called a Sani station this is the drain location provided by the campground to empty your tanks. This can make walking nasty for your neighbors and violates Burning Man s contract with the Bureau of Land Management. This just may be the biggest RV show in the world drawing from the estimated 750 000 to 1 million visitors most in RVs who flock to the tiny desert town every January. Mar 08 2019 5. NP campgrounds often times have a tent only loop and then more loops with sites big enough for small campers and large RVs alike. I live near San Diego CA where water is expensive so all of my home s GREY water goes into about 2000 gallons of storage tanks and eventually waters my shrubs and fruit trees. Choose a different plant each time. Empowered by what we did in 2018 2019 was our big year for dry camping. Jan 08 2019 Hi Patricia our tanks are definitely on the small side for 4 people with 24 gal fresh 21 gal grey and 18 gal black. Moving Camp to Cottonwood AZ Yes it is ok for you to wash your dishes at your campsite. Dumping holding tanks. Navy showers and the use of paper plates and plastic forks are two of the most effective ways to do this. Human waste is unnatural to all ecosystems but especially to drier more sensitive ecosystems since it doesn t break down as fast as it does in a forest. Two restroom facilities with outdoor showers trash services grey water dump sites black water dump site with water dance floor and ramadas. Despite the rapidly changing environment in which we work the BLM remains committed to its core mission mandated by FLPMA a careful balancing of multiple use and sustained yield. But in case you haven 39 t I won 39 t make you Google it. Body hair that comes off from washing is moop and a big tangle of it on the playa gets a ding from the BLM. Better still if you have a generator or solar That said there are some things to know about boondocking before you set out on your first venture. 673996 115. If I remember right this is a BLM fed regulation so would apply to all of us off road campers Years back I use to drain my grey water on the dessert landscape the brush liked it but no more. B Drain sewage or petroleum products or dump refuse or waste other than grey water except in places or receptacles provided for that purpose C Dispose of any household commercial or industrial refuse or waste brought as such from private or municipal property including but not limited to automobiles household appliances and furnishings Aug 22 2016 The camper van term boondocking is commonly used by motorhome enthusiasts to talk about camping at sites without conveniences such as water electricity and sewer hookups. For now we can go that length if we re cautious with our water consumption but it would be nice not to have to carry our heavy smelly gray water down the road when we depart camp. And while we re on the topic of doing dishes always be aware of where it s legal for you to dump grey water. Sen. See full list on boondockersbible. The State of Arizona however has more restrictive rules. I never knew the dumping grey water somewhere other than a dumping station was a thing until seeing it within vanlife. So this can be very hard to determine. Dump the sanitize sink into the rinse sink. The fee as of this year is 180. Boondocking Dry camping without hook ups usually in remote areas. No one will be admitted without a valid admission ticket from Burning Man. Don t put it in the Potty Jul 24 2020 If dumping grey water is allowed strain out excess food particles and dump the water on a plant away from your campsite. With so many The realities of RV ownership include getting to know and understand your grey and black water tanks. State and city visitor bureau websites often have helpful up to date information on travel restrictions and things to be aware of as well. We have a collapsible container dedicated to grey water. Don t play loud music. We were wild camping on the edge of a cliff for free on BLM land outside of Cody Wyoming and having a discussion about dumping grey water when camping in the wild. Boondocking in an RV just means that you find a way to camp for the night or for a few nights for free instead of paying expensive rates to check in at a campground. Most of this land is out west but you will also find at least one location if not more in each state. To reduce or prevent the occurrence of such dumping the BLM supports community outreach education and involvement targeted enforcement and the creation of legal alternatives to illegal dumping. And as much as I nbsp 21 Nov 2017 Tips for Grey Water Disposal middot Let your dishwater or shower water collect in a bucket and then take it to a nearby plant middot Choose a different plant every time you empty middot Wipe off and dispose of any excess food or soap before nbsp 15 Aug 2019 Cruise ships targeted for B. SUMMARY Under the authority of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 as amended FLPMA the Bureau of Land Management BLM Winnemucca District Black Rock Field Office will implement a temporary closure and temporary restrictions to protect public safety and Dec 20 2019 For everyone who feels it is okay to dump grey water on the ground please do so in your own yard close to where your children and pets play. Partners in conservation came together with the Bureau of Land Management BLM at Steven s Camp north of High Rock Canyon on June 1st. Main St Dump Fill 5. com. After the creek the land becomes Utah State Trust Land where you can also camp for free. In most locations burying human feces in the correct manner is the most effective method to meet these criteria. Dunes are formed when windblown dust bounces off stationary objects and reforms on the ground attracting Jul 19 2019 2. Jun 26 2015 BLM sells a Long Term Visitor s pass that will allow winter visitors to stay for several months. com is Trademarked with the USPTO Gray water is wash water from a bathroom sink shower or clotheswasher. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management January 2019 Sep 03 2015 BLM or BOLM Bureau of Land Management. High winds create a serious fire hazard within the densely settled confines of our city. I ve been reviewing the BLM materials linked from the new caravan page and found this statement To further protect your public lands campers must not dispose of any refuse hazardous materials sewage or gray water in any manner that would pollute the surrounding area. The road is much sandier very deep sand in some sections. Dump stations located in public campgrounds and RV parks are nbsp 28 May 2019 At The Dyrt we share camping tips from our community of campers and campgrounds. This maps the locations of Army Corps of Engineers camping in Texas. Once you hook up your sewer hose to both your RV and the drain empty your black tank first then your grey tank so that the grey water washes away your black water and rinses your hose. Home Blog Forums Gatherings Store Find a Campsite. Dunes It s important that we keep the playa flat safe for safe vehicle passage. They will almost always have an area where RVs can fill up their fresh water tanks and dump their grey black water tanks. NP campgrounds will usually have mixture of reservable and first come first serve sites. Does depend on exactly where you are of course because in some states grey water is classified as sewage while in most BLM land slowly dripping it on the ground or spreading it on vegetation is officially acceptable. Utilizing your camping area can help make living in a minivan camper more tolerable and spacious. I was literally laughing as you described the parking yeah that d get old quickly. Dispose of trash in a trash container after you leave. Cat Some of the campgrounds that we have stayed in out West on the USFS United States Forest Service and BLM Bureau of Land Management don t mind the careful discharge of grey water when it is at considerable distance from a stream. In the States there s the US Forest Service the Bureau of Land Management BLM the Wildlife Management Areas WMA National Grasslands. I have a nice little driveway tucked away in the city that I pay a modest rent for and the only reason I ever have to drive the van is to dump grey water or fill propane. The pack in pack out policy would remain in place as long as both the public and BLM think that it is working. Maverick 985 S Highway 191. I look back and realize how easy I had it but it sure didn t feel that way at the time. 51 Open April through October rinse water non potable available As a One time Officer of a Caravan Club Centre We used to actually DIG Latrine pits for rallies Friday and back fill them Monday ALL grey water was quot distributed quot around field hedges. 7 Nov 2018 Laws can even vary between public lands and private. Restrooms are available at the paid BLM camping area right in the middle of the free distributed camping. WI State Parks and Forests do not allow it nbsp 3 May 2017 Grey water is the discharge from sinks showers washing machines and the like as distinct from black water which is the You may not collect every drop of water but at least you 39 re not dumping large volumes of water. Dump Free Potable Water on store wall bring your own hose 5 Jul 2020 BLM lands offer an incredible opportunity for boondocking in some spectacular places but there are some Dry camping means you won 39 t have hookups and it 39 s never ok to dump your tanks on the ground grey or black . S. 747 Longitude 119. But with all the other RVs around you re going to have to wait in line a long time to empty your tanks. The BLM 39 s rule allowing campers to dump wash water on the ground applies only on its public lands which are lands that nbsp 2 Aug 2018 We are wild camping on the edge of a cliff for free on BLM land outside of Cody Wyoming. Scatter strained dishwater In the backcountry be sure to dump gray water away from any fresh water sources and use biodegradable soap. U. The majority of BLM managed campgrounds don 39 t have hookups or Sep 17 2015 This is typically found in Southwestern States and more specifically in BLM Bureau of Land Management areas. If you hug a tree for your toilet you wont need to dump. If a campground has flush toilets it has at least one dish washing sink in each loop. no washing of vehicles or changing motor oil at walker river resort. In some areas dumping grey water on the ground is permissible. Many areas of the National Forest have places to dump your tanks but you will have to look it up on the Forest Service website for that particular forest. These areas Grey water dump sites two restroom facilities with outdoor showers black water dump site with water trash removal . Blowsand Hill Blowsand Hill. Leaky connections are strictly prohibited. Flush with Grey Water Instead of dumping your dishwater outside consider saving it and your shower water to flush the toilet with. Now pull the grey handle to empty the grey water tank. As nice as free camping can be for your wallet it comes with a few sacrifices and a lot more responsibility. Observe fire guidelines. As we are dry camping or boondocking here outside of Yuma AZ this particular area of BLM land has a dump station and a water supply for the campers to use. J. Overlanding North America Episode 9 Jun 01 2018 Forest Service Police have questions Rules for camping on BLM and National Forest land. Some places allow for the dumping of your gray water but the black even with a macerator can be an issue. Camping is free on BLM land but there are fees and permits required for certain recreational activities. Strain water that is heavily soiled with food. BLM land in Moab is utilized to its full potential usually by ranchers farmers and recreationists. It was interesting to see the BLM s response to Bob s inquiries on this. We only use biodegradeable soaps and never allow liquid kitchen wastes to go down the drain. You will find BLM campgrounds primarily in the western United States and many are first come first serve. We usually cannot fill up with water in the tanks until it gets warmer but we take five one gallon jugs for the trip across. Always dump grey water second to help flush out any waste that may be leftover from the black tank. The plants are happy and there is no mess. Bring Wag Bags to carry out waste. Black tanks on the other hand is a big No No to dump anywhere except a proper dump station. Start Preamble AGENCY Bureau of Land Management Interior. For residences using an on site wastewater treatment facility for black water treatment and disposal the use of a greywater system does not change the design capacity or reserve area requirements for the on site wastewater treatment facility at the residence and ensures that the facility can handle the combined black water and greywater Bob Difley recently addressed the issue of dumping gray water on Bureau of Land Management BLM land on the RV Boondocking News website. One major thing to keep in mind is that nearly all of BLM land is in the western half of the United States so depending on where you re traveling you might exclusively Mar 05 2013 Our destination BLM land at Saddle Mountain I take the exit at Tonopah pass a huge RV Park and continue on into the desert on Salome Road. Apr 10 2015 BLM land west of Yuma AZ Free BLM land by Dome Rock in Quartzsite AZ Free 14 day permit required BLM land off Highway 95 south of Lake Havasu City AZ Free Dirt lot off Highway 95 near I 40 north of Lake Havasu Free Camping fees Zero. No person shall drain dump or otherwise deposit refuse or waste from any trailer or other vehicle on to Public Lands including Greywater and oil except in receptacles provided for such use. Camp Shower One of those hanging bag camp showers can be handy especially if your theme camp has a structure to hang it in you will also need to rig a greywater system for disposing of shower water as it 39 s a violation of the BLM Bureau of Land Management permit to dump it right on the desert floor. Nov 11 2013 But a gauge showing levels of fresh water grey water sewage propane and battery power was very useful in helping us trim our usage of resources. The area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management BLM and there are no services in the Valley of the Gods except for a bed and breakfast located near the western entrance. Bureau of Land Management Cove Recreation Site BLM details and area map campground on the shore of C. Some of those additional amenities include water electric WiFi firepit pull through parking and even a dump station Obviously it all depends on what the host has on their property. If your grey tank gets full you can probably sneak out at night and empty it almost anywhere without getting anyone too upset with you. Don t assume because you have one when you get there you ll have a signal all the time. Unless they are nbsp Just be aware that some government owned BLM lands will require you to pick up a camping pass. There s a little more grey area when it comes to grey water. In areas where the BLM manages developed campgrounds recreational areas or wildlife preserves they reserve the right to prohibit such activity on a case by case basis. As we are dry camping or boondocking here outside of Yuma AZ this particular area of BLM land has a dump station and a water supply for the Mar 22 2020 My first night on BLM land. To date that camp size windmill grey b gone is the most evap for space. Oftentimes this means that you won t be able to hook your RV up to electricity or water or dump your tanks However the sheer volume and institution of the yearly event with event goers who are quot pack it in pack it out quot conscious yet dump their greywater and blackwater or abandon odds and ends of metal stakes and anchors in the ground has hammer fucked anyone else 39 s legitimate use of these lands. After dumping and disconnecting your sewer hose you can use fresh water to give the hose a good rinse making sure all waste water goes down the drain. Humans hunt land animals such as deer fox antelope and buffalo for food and other products. that achieves the minimum level of effluent quality defined by the federal secondary treatment regulation in 40 CFR 133. All rights reserved. The BLM Rule on Dumping Wash Water According to BLM it is not illegal to dump gray water or empty your gray tanks on the ground in open public BLM areas. commercial campgrounds may let you dump for a small dump fee but it can be more efficient to book a day in to clean up purge and tidy things. Dozens of campsites along the road and at Indian Creek where there is a nice swimming hole. If this is the case you can simply use a standard RV dump station or drain at a gas station to empty your grey water tank. Jul 17 2019 Sink waste is another easy one to deal with as you can pretty much dump grey water down any street storm drain though some places will have signs prohibiting this depending on the local water drainage system . Then I miraculously got a job as a travel nurse at the local ER the stars had aligned even better than we imagined. Utilizing A Living Area To alleviate grey tank anxiety I 39 m going to put in a grey water diverter valve so I can dump directly to the ground if we 39 re boondocked or something where it is ok to do that. Fire Keep fires small Have water available to extinguish the fire properly Never leave a nbsp . We are also having a discussion about dumping grey water when campi 28 Dec 2013 The question nearly always comes up among boondockers on whether it is legal to dump gray water from the RV your recent questions regarding recreational vehicles RV and dispersed camping on BLM lands in Arizona. 4. Jan 06 2015 As we are dry camping or boondocking here outside of Yuma AZ this particular area of BLM land has a dump station and a water supply for the campers to use. Grey Water Black Water Dumping Dumping your grey black water on the ground is nasty for the environment and can get you a hefty fine from the BLM. GlamisDunes. However grey water made up of bathroom showers and sinks can be legally dumped on BLM land as long as it is not considered a nuisance or a hazard nbsp 13 Jul 2017 Unfortunately the rules for dumping gray water can vary among public lands managers like the Forest Service and Thank you for your recent questions regarding recreational vehicles RV and dispersed camping on BLM nbsp 9 Apr 2020 We were wild camping on the edge of a cliff for free on BLM land outside of Cody Wyoming and having a discussion about dumping grey water when camping 30 50 gallons over 2 4 days soaks up pretty quick. Contact Information. This can make walking nasty for your neighbors and violates Burning Man s contract with our landlord the Bureau of Land Management. Arizona. Leave the area cleaner than you found it. Apr 23 2020 jacob I was being facetious about leaving a TT on BLM land didn t seem like a good idea hence the problem of what to do with it. Camping on BLM Land. In the immediate future any bridge loans as the federal government announced recently for the cruise nbsp Free BLM camping not to exceed 14 days in a 28 day period is permitted in non fee Quartzsite BLM areas. First you can dump amp fill at the RV Pit Stop. According to Wikipedia that s one eighth of the landmass in the United States. Jan 14 2020 As far as showers go my 5th wheel carries 75 gal of potable water and if my wife and I shower everyday and take quick showers we can go 5 days then need to dump and add water so we go to a rv spot pay for a night dump fill take a warm shower on there dime nice long one load up with groceries and head back to the woods. 00 each 435 259 7212. Aug 03 2020 Camping waste water from washing should not be poured into a stream or directly onto the ground. When boondocking the reliance for power comes from batteries or solar panels. May 18 2020 The real question to ask is if it s illegal to dump your RV gray water tank on the ground. Jun 19 2014 Bureau of Land Management Whether in a developed campground or at a dispersed site you may usually camp in an area for up to 14 days before having to move at least 25 miles from your original spot. Note Gray water for Federal regulations states water from a kitchen sink is quot Sewage quot water and not allowed to be dumped on the ground. Many RVer s there move every two weeks and go through town to dump fill with water and move to another camping place. This applies equally to RVers and tent campers. Jul 25 2010 Somewhere on the BM website is a lot of information on grey water. All dispersed camping in Any of my search term words All of my search term words Find results in Content titles and body Content titles only In some areas dumping grey water on the ground is permissible. They allow overnight parking The Bureau of Land Management has over 400 BLM campgrounds almost all suitable for RV camping. I have never seen anything say you cannot dump gray in dispersed camping areas just use some common sense on how you dump release it. I asked the BLM to define a few of these terms and what was thier position on dumping clean fresh water for months on end having to make repeated requests with various personal as they are ambiguous and obviously are making it difficult for users to abide by the laws. Nov 22 2019 Surprisingly dumping gray water in a National Forest is allowed however the USFS seems to assume that campers will only dump a very small amount not an entire tank full. This is our go to option for overnight parking. Joking About Our YouTube Channel Duration 13 22. BLM manages vast land areas that are often little used but these vast lands also offer solitude and outdoor recreation opportunities to RVers willing to explore. You 39 d be surprised at what 39 s growing in there and the kids and dogs running around don 39 t need to be exposed to that plus nobody deserves to have to deal with the stench that even comes from the grey water that 39 s 1 2 day old or older. Gray water includes any used water that is nontoxic such as water used for bathing that contains biodegradable soap residue see References 1 . The problem is when you 39 re sitting still for so long that you approach full and don 39 t really have a convenient way to drain the grey or black tanks. no dumping of soapy water grey water or salt crystals on or near the trees. Place a large metal strainer over one of the empty sinks and pour all the water through it. Land management agencies can advise you of specific rules for the area you plan to visit. Shopping amp Savings Mar 07 2020 The BLM boondocking areas are located around the hub of flea market activity. My comments above were concerned with folks waiting to drain the gray until they had several days worth of grey water and then dumping quot in bulk quot . Regarding the idea of getting a smaller rig and just renting airBNB s for work. I use a bucket with a lid to dump the grey water into so I can carry it without having to worry about spilling. Screening or filtering of grey water is required before dumping. Gray water disposal laws vary across the U. ACTION Notice of temporary closure and restrictions. but I only 39 heard 39 about that and didn 39 t see any evidence. This is primarily where dispersed camping is allowed. If at any time in the future the BLM determines that the pack in pack out policy is no lon ger effective permanent restrooms would If you like to boondock camp without hookups Bureau of Land Management BLM land may be your ticket. How one views the protection or not of these lands depends to a significant degree on point of view. It is illegal to dump grey water. Valley of the Gods is perfect for auto tourists looking for a quiet backway and more adventurous travelers looking to explore grand open landscapes just come RVers need to think about and plan for where to dump the greywater and blackwater tanks. Illegal dumping has been occurring on BLM managed public lands for many years. Farm amp City 850 S. Don t dump it Dumping large amounts of untreated water on the playa introduces contaminants and can turn the clay into instant slippery sticky mud. Note the following research was nbsp 11 Mar 2020 The BLM Rule on Dumping Wash Water. as Approved by the Land owner and set out in our standing instructions which where in turn approved by the Caravan Club. need to treat grey water with a marine sanitation device MSD when dumping within three nautical miles of land outside of that they can legally dump it untreated . extreme fire danger at the resort and on blm land. 2. Glamis CA is host to Imperial Sand Dunes which is BLM land and is a massive chunk of desert. One problem with all this economy is that the contents of the black tank can get more concentrated than usual which can also contribute to blockages. TITLE 43 PUBLIC LANDS INTERIOR Mar 11 2020 Part of the answer to this question lies in what is defined as grey water . Also in my area almost all storm drains are marked for rain water only so I looked into grey water dumping laws. BW Black Water waste water from an RV s onboard toilet. Permits and Fees Whether you 39 re planning a single visit or coming back multiple times a year enjoy the convenience of purchasing a pass before you arrive to cover recreation related fees at Bureau of People PLEASE do not dump your greywater on the lake. There are websites and Facebook groups dedicated to boondocking locations if you want more ideas Imperial Dam Water Diversion RVing in the BLM lands. That said going completely off grid and staying outside of campgrounds does require a bit of know how in order to ensure you are camping safely legally and as comfortably as possible. PRIVACY land at the end of a road or near the end of a long dirt road land with heavy forest land with housing way back off the main road etc. The dumped gray water is not to have gone through your rv system. Do not Dump Your Grey Water in the Woods. Boondocking is when you 39 re traveling and stay overnight somewhere you don 39 t have to pay. Just be very careful. Dumping No dumping of grey water or black water. to waterways via sanitary sewer systems septic tank or other onsite treatment and disposal systems or a land based discharge. Since you will not be in a campground sewage disposal will not be provided. Some are free while others have a fee per night. The main project cleared brush and small boulders from the only designated hiking equestrian trail in 1. Mar 21 2016 Here is a reply from BLM in AZ. It is part of the 180 fee that we pay for use of the land from April 15 November 15. 00 and it allows you to stay from September 15th until April 15th after April 15th there are other fees read more about that in our menu item We are wild camping on the edge of a cliff for free on BLM land outside of Cody Wyoming. Soon I see the BLM posts indicating 14 day free camping. Public lands owned by us where you can find free cheap camping. Dump your dirty tanks or your grey water. says he can usually go about five days in the RV without dumping grey water or sewage. We ve used their service before and found Bureau of Land Management BLM and Public Lands allow you to camp freely in many locations You can find BLM land near you by visiting the blm. Dumbrille said there are a variety of measures he would like to see in place to deal with grey water from tighter federal regulation to monitoring and enforcement. Strain out Food Scraps. Don t put it in the Potty Grey water dump sites two restroom facilities with outdoor showers black water dump site with water trash removal Beginning January 23rd parts of BLM land in Jul 31 2019 The grey water should be less gross than the black water and will help wash the black water grossness away. 3 million acres. Strike Reservoir Latitude 42. We drive the eight miles or so northward on Highway 89 to the Congress BLM land where we camped the previous two springs. 2001 GlamisDunes. Most public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management are on the western side of Colorado encompassing mountains canyons rivers and open desert areas. These less strict campgrounds are nearly always up high and way back in the more arid mountainous places. grey water dumping industry says it goes beyond regulations The only regulations are to treat it through a marine sanitation device and discharge when beyond three nautical miles of land . Aug 21 2015 When we arrive in Quartzite we stay out at least another week on BLM land until we need to fill LP and dump waste water. Camping in these Quartzsite BLM areas is either in a Long Term Visitor Area LTVA for a small fee or free. Eventually however you 39 re going to have to head to a dump station and refill your potable water. Since we don t have to far to drive Yuma to Quartzsite we ll dump our tanks and fill up with fresh water before heading into Q. The solution was a composting toilet which freed up the black water tank another 35 45 gallon tank to be connected to the grey tank and provide plenty of grey water space. Fish are a main source of food for many of the people in the world. You can point your google maps to BLM Joshua Tree South or these GPS coordinates will get you there 33. Self contained RV s equipped with grey and or black water holding tanks can be emptied at a dump station by connecting a sewer hose from the rig to the dump station input. 5 million subsurface acres within the state. Jan 06 2015 Otherwise we practice most of your water saving tips. The laws regarding gray water tank dumping varies state to state but most states have laws against dumping gray water tanks on the ground. Deschutes National Forest 63095 Deschutes Market Road Bend OR 97701 541 383 5300 . Cracker Barrell. Never dump grey water or any tanks on a site. That s not enough for us to live for 2 3 weeks without needing a dump station since our fresh water tank holds 80 gallons. Neither task takes all that long or is that terrible but unless you re exclusively camping at RV parks or higher end campgrounds you ll often need to do a little searching for where you can fill and dump. Your ticket is a revocable license. Jul 15 2019 BLM headquarters may move to Grand Junction. Dumping black water on the ground is NEVER PERMITTED. Pets. The changes do not factor in our 28 year operational track record and commitment to environmental protection. Pets must be kept under control and cannot be left unattended. Solid human waste must be packed out from some places such as narrow river canyons. 785 Open May through September water is available Choose from maintained Flagstaff campgrounds with water and restrooms or BLM land off the beaten path. Mud pots bubbling up grey water and gas. 2 million acres of National Conservation Area adjacent to the historic Applegate Trail. . gov website or talking to a ranger at a national forest office. Some dig deep holes to drain their black potty water into the desert too . Private RV parks state parks national park campgrounds and many National Forest campgrounds will have dump stations that typically cost around 5 12 per use. See some of the locals 39 favorite places to sleep under the starts. Everywhere else it 39 s illegal. South Mesa LTVA on the California side of the Colorado River was cited nbsp That means storing it until you reach a public dump point. Sep 28 2020 This board is a collection of tips and ideas to successfully boondock or find free RV camping overnight RV parking free RV camping or free overnight camping. That s a big chunk of land. This reduces the amount of grey water going into your tank. 6. Don t Litter Ever One is a freshwater tank for potable water one is a grey water tank for wastewater from sinks and the shower and one is the black water tank for excrement . Grey water is simply water that has been used in the home. Speed Limit Five 5 miles per hour throughout the campground. no discharging of firearms inside the resort. prohibits cruise ships from discharging untreated gray water within three miles from land. Salome turns onto Courthouse Road. Also another term related to dry camping is dispersed camping but dispersed camping pertains to parking in sites that are not designated campsites and can only be done on public land that allows for it like BLM land . Jul 31 2018 And sometimes very illegal. Do not Rely on a Cell Signal When Boondocking Oct 10 2018 Simply load the blue boy into the bed of your truck pump your grey or black water into it using a macerator pump drive to the closest dump station and pump the waste into the sewer. Park Description. You will have to dump the grey water in the washing station room. Other changes rely on improbable or impossible conditions and many more lack sufficient data. These areas also offer some basic support such as dump amp trash. I see you dumped the grey water in the desert is that allowed in BLM land I don t see any real problem with it seems harmless. Beer Alcoholic Beverage of choice amongst campers comes in a wide variety of flavors. The main reason for this is that the nbsp Canyonlands Campground 555 S Main St Dump Water 5. See also Dry Camp Longer With A DIY Gray Water Recycling System From USI RV. there are lots of places to dump quot blackwater waste quot but not letting it build up is an important habit. On Day Six the Resto crew swept between 5 30 to 10 15 on C through G. 102 2001 . Know the fire restrictions that are in place at the time and have a fire permit no dumping of Jun 29 2020 Camping on Public Land National Forest BLM etc . Overland you could dig a trench and dump cassette. Read and follow the agency s rules regarding fires collecting firewood and quiet hours. The kitchen has a fridge two burner stove propane cabinets and sink 10 gallon internal clean water amp grey water tank system . Of course I have to admit that I m not the most typical vanlife person out there. Even if you do use natural soaps and you do not use any normal detergent shampoo or body wash it is still illegal to dump grey water. Flagstaff Dispersed Camping amp BLM There are over 12 million acres of BLM Public Lands in Arizona to visit enjoy and explore along with 17. Fortunately there are several ways to limit the amount of gray water you generate and the amount of fresh water you consume. But not from your gray water tanks. Properly dispose of gray water and sewage don 39 t dump it on the ground . Grey Water Before you get to your boondocking spot you should ask the proper authorities whether or not it is okay to dump your grey water directly on the ground. Oct 19 2017 If you 39 ve been RVing for more than a day you 39 ve probably heard of boondocking. quot Gray water quot means untreated wastewater from bathtubs showers lavatory fixtures wash basins washing machines and laundry tubs. Many BLM locations allow grey water dumping but getting permission first will always keep you out of trouble. The rest of the BLM land around Quartzsite is just open land with no services at all. 1 1 3 generally excludes wash water from BLM s prohibition against draining or dumping it can be specifically prohibited by Supplemental Rules issued for a specific area. BLM supervises many lands in America. 15 05. Bring along a bucket designated jug or something like the Primus Campfire Utility Bag to contain and dispose of grey water properly. Burning Man supports county state and Aug 20 2016 The locations of available jobs weren t looking promising which meant there would be a lot of compromise. For instance the Bureau of Land Management BLM now prohibits the dumping of any kind of gray water in the areas they As an example below are the rules for boondocking or dispersed camping in the Coconino National Forest from the nbsp As a result it isn 39 t legal to dump into the environment. Here are the rules for a National Forest Old dishwater shouldn t be dumped anywhere. If you re like most RV ers you ll generate far more gray water than black water. 935 Longitude 115. C. Mar 07 2020 Make sure to dump your grey water in a hole and bury it. Once you re sure there are no more dishes it s time to consolidate your gray water. 6 Mar 2019 While dry camping the last thing you want is a clogged holding tank or odors that seep up into your RV If you wish to prevent Note It is usually illegal to dump your RV gray water tank on public lands. Trees have been used to build and heat homes make paper and provide food for centuries. Large sound systems are limited to the outer edges of our city. 3 Jan 2020 On Thursday morning while the company 39 s Carnival Elation cruise ship was docked a gray water valve failed and unintentionally discharged gray water from . It takes Bob 2 3 trips for each tank first black water then grey so the grey water would flush all the black water waste out of the honey wagon. Dec 18 2019 Blue Boy honey wagon portable waste tank that allows you to dump your RV s sewage and or greywater without taking your whole RV to the dumpsite. The problem with a campground encouraging GREY dumping into shrubbery is that sooner or later some moron will dump their BLACK either in place of their GREY or I grew up camping in a trailer every summer so trips to dump stations are commonplace for me. In 8 years I 39 ve never seen grey water disposed of from an RV anywhere other than at a dump station Jun 25 2015 This is called black and greywater or just waste water in general. Insider Tip We ve had luck at gas stations only some have these services and visitors Except maybe boondocks. Jan 14 2019 Over 30 of United States of America and certain parts of Canada about 89 of Canada is designated as Crown Land is set aside for public use. M. This is because when you dump about 30 gallons of grey water into the environment though it may not cause sudden catastrophic harm to the environment it is gradually changing the ecosystem. Jan 17 2014 For example the BLM managed LTVA Long Term Visitor Areas legally allow boondockers to stay for 6 months for a fee 180 for the winter fee in CA AZ covers 7 BLM areas 300 for the summer fee in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains covers 4 BLM campgrounds . The duffel back also includes a block you can use to raise dual axel trailers to change tires and other great RV gear that s good to have. com Whether or not it is legal to dump grey water on the ground is often decided by the state or campground you re camping in. You can camp for up to 14 days on BLM land before having to move to another site more than 30 miles away. There is a temptation to dump grey water because you can actually use an outdoor shower and the water goes right onto the ground but dumping a grey tank is actually a ticketed offense but also really frowned on by neighbors. In the COE type campgrounds that do NOT allow it dumping gray water is the second most violated rule in the campground right behind picking up after pets . Leave the area cleaner than you found it. 00 435 259 0169. Typical spots are Walmart BLM land Cabelas Sam 39 s Club Cracker Barrel etc. The Bureau of Land Management BLM The agency is on the administrative charge of a huge amount of public lands more than 247. 757 Longitude 122. You may not return to that area for 28 consecutive days. All six of the federal agencies that manage public recreation lands address the dumping of grey water and black water. It is best to pour waste water into a hole located away from water sources so that in may disperse into the subsurface soil. Dump stations located in public campgrounds and RV parks are usually free for campers staying overnight and may have a fee for non guests. The Kern County Public Works Department is responsible for the planning design construction maintenance and operation of roads bridges traffic signals sanitary landfills recycling centers wastewater treatment plants public transit center and other publicly owned facilities. Other Government Aircraft Rental USFS BLM Grocery Food Ice Beverages Coffee Drinking Water Out of State Commercial Trans Airfare Cab Fee Special Fee Baggage Fee Non Employee Out of State Commercial Trans Fire Suppression Services Crews LGFF Personnel Dumping Fee Grey Water In State FIRE Meals Sit down at restaurant at fire I would think the park would rather have you use those facilities then washing at a picnic area and disposing of the grey water in the picnic area vault toilets. I usually put waste water in the dump station whether it 39 s allowed or not just out of habit and don 39 t usually like the way some of those places smell. Dec 31 2019 Granted we had 90 gallons of fresh water 45 gallons for black water and an astounding 70 gallons for grey water. Sound emitted from any camp should not cause serious disruption to adjacent camps. Other Good Boon Docking Spots Include Walmart. This week we learn about the 2021 Quartzsite RV Show scheduled Jan. I know that YOU should not dump your gray water from the shower or galley on the ground and especially not near a stream. One could conversely pay a 2 week use fee of 40. High winds create a serious re hazard within the densely settled con nes of our city. Who would dump their black tank on the ground Despite obvious reasons not to do this every year there are reports of it happening. Then dump the rinse sink into the wash sink. Our goal is to camp without going into town to dump our tanks or fill the Propane Tank. 5. The definition of grey water itself varies from location to location. Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area in Winterhaven California is a BLM Campground and offers grey water dump sites two restroom facilities with outdoor showers black water dump site with water and trash removal. There are four dirt lanes off to the left south side of Courthouse Road. We were ecstatic to get to actually spend some time in this gorgeous land we d only made short trips in the past. Feb 03 2020 8. Jan 08 2019 Our Grey Water Tank which holds 48 gallons is empty. and more West from the Imperial Dam is the Laguna Dam. GREY WATER Is old dishwater which should not be dumped just anywhere. Aug 12 2016 Bureau of Land Management BLM and National Forest land are both free to camp on for up to 14 days in most places as long as you follow the rules like ya know packing out your trash and not starting forest fires . As part of the company 39 s five year probation executives must keep a federal court in Miami updated on progress to reduce nbsp 27 Dec 2017 There is a strict rule on camping BLM land and Crown Land in Canada no emptying of grey water shower kitchen sink bathroom sink water anywhere other than the dumping stations. Keep in mind that a long line of RVs or lack of a water connection at the dump station can prevent us from going through all these steps. Historically BLM has been dominated by commodity interests especially ranchers and mining companies University of Idaho professor Adam Sowards Protocol with grey water wash water is that dish water may be tossed in most places and the grey water from the tank can be dumped if it goes through a standard hose if expressly permitted. Jan 15 2020 If you are on BLM land click on the image below for the full debriefing but here is a summary Legal to dump Grey Water ONLY Some Bureau of Land Management Dispersed Camping Areas Some State Public lands beaches forests parks The BLM guy at one of the free for 14 days camp areas in Quarzsite said you can dump gray water. 11 26 2019 08 00 AM Jul 31 2019 The grey water should be less gross than the black water and will help wash the black water grossness away. Always check with the agency first. Bureau of Land Management BLM for purposes of public recreation. Even if you are just tent camping you are not permitted to dump a small pan of soapy grey water on the nearest bush to quot water quot it none nada. In town there are RV service sites that specialize in providing tank dump sites and fresh water fills. May 18 2020 While the purpose of Boondockers Welcome is to find a safe place to park your rig off grid some hosts offer additional amenities. Boondocking Traditionally Dispersed camping without hookups usually on BLM or USFS land not to be confused with Wallydocking. One of the dump stations serving the. I get out to open the gate over the cattle guard a new one has been installed. so unless an RV had drain pipes allowing the Kitchen sink into the Black tank. Jun 28 2017 AGENCY Under the authority of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 as amended FLPMA the Bureau of Land Management BLM Winnemucca District Black Rock Field Office will implement a temporary closure and temporary restrictions to protect public safety and resources on public lands within and adjacent to the Burning Man event A super cool benefit of traveling in an RV is the ability to go off the grid and spend a few days just soaking up the beauty of nature. Be very careful that you do not spill any water around the table. What are thoughts on digging a hole in the ground and dumping gray water once a day or every other day Jun 03 2011 Stealth greywater dumping is always contingent on the dumping area being safely away from water other campers and only in barren locations. The main reason for this is that the grey water flows through same outlet pipes as the black sewer water. A steep incline of sand blown up the side of Butte Mountain is the icon of Ocotillo Wells. Will fine you 300. BLM rules say you can camp anywhere you want for up to 14 days as long as you follow a few simple rules. Don t Dump Your Tanks on the Ground. 951 potable and rinse water non potable available Free Bureau of Land Management Fishermen 39 s Bend Recreation Site BLM details and area map RV dump station reported CLOSED 2019 08 21 closed until the septic system is overhauled easy to find with brown recreation signs Latitude 44. Dumping a tank full at once is not going to work nbsp Our permit from BLM defines gray water as water is water that has been used for cooking washing dishwashing or bathing and Don 39 t dump it Dumping large amounts of untreated water on the playa introduces contaminants and can turn the clay into instant slippery sticky mud. It 39 s legal to dump grey water on BLM land. BLM lands are public lands run by the Bureau of Land Management and this land covers about 1 8 of the United States. Make sure you are at least 200 feet away from all water sources if dumping grey water when a disposal area is unavailable. This means finding a place that has a dump station connecting your dump hose and emptying the tanks. That is the best way to dispose of stored grey water. BTW By the way. Bring a container for times when you can t dump and carry it to the nearest disposal site. The Burning Man website has lots of information about greywater disposal. Self contained RV 39 s equipped with grey and or black water holding tanks can be emptied at a dump station by connecting a sewer hose from the rig to the dump station input. You could get a citation and a fine. There is abundant public land all over North America and much of it allows you to camp out for free usually for up to 14 days or so before you have to move on . In AZ it is legal to dump grey water on BLM land when the grey tank is getting full I hook a garden hose to the discharge and let the grey water quot slowly quot drain and water a tree cactus or other plants. Quartzsite BLM Long Term Visitor Areas. On Day Five Line Sweeps marched over 5 30 to 1 45 Esplanade to C as well as 4 00 to 1 45 on blocks C through G. Please dig a hole for your tree hugging adventures then cover it. Oct 08 2016 When we dry camp we will quite often dump the dish water down the toilet. Although the Code of Federal Regulations CFR found at 8365. Jan 06 2015 It also has three waste tanks a 50 gallon grey water tank for the kitchen a 50 gallon grey water tank for the shower and bathroom sink and a 50 gallon black water tank for the toilet. Utah Dump Stations Campendium has 149 reviews of 85 Dump Stations in Utah Apr 01 2012 You dump your waste tanks into the honey wagon tow it with your pick up to the dumping station. 7. Yes there is a dump station in the La Posa Long Term Visitor Area. The campground is approximately 3 500 acres in size flat landscape sparsely vegetated with plants such as Creosote bushes Palo Verde trees Ironwood trees Mesquite trees and Don t miss their BLM and National Forest tips and stunning photography. Free camping is available on BLM land near Cottonwood Springs. Typically when you re staying in an area where tent campers may be like a national forest or state park you can find a place to dump dishwater outside the RV. It s amazingly entertaining even if you don t have toys to play with on the dunes. 8. So no you cannot dump your grey water. It would be extremely rare for free camping areas to provide any disposal systems for grey water. If you want to wait until you get to town to dump amp fill there are a few options. Our goal is to make sure you have a stress free trip. We tried to use other restrooms at the facilities we boondocked at purchased groceries at etc. They allow dry camping but the staying period varies depending on the spot s locations. L. If you 39 re someone who likes to camp for long periods of time in remote or desert public lands you 39 ll need to figure out how to dispose of your grey water or access a dumping spot. Learn when to dump how to identify RV safe toilet paper and how to maintain black and gray water tanks. All help one to fudge around the excessive democratic laws of all the western states. 16 24. A popular spot day and night where off road vehicles race up the hill at full throttle only to turn around and do it again. no fireworks. However if the law says don t do it we encourage you to follow the law. Central water amp dump station For campgrounds that only have a central place to get fresh water and sewer dump. That should be acceptable. The BLM manages public lands and subsurface estate under its jurisdiction under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act or FLPMA passed in 1976. This is a link to Cornell Law Institute 39 s Legal Information Institute. At Free camps. Observe re guidelines. Basically if you re in a place far from civilization that place has little water in the first place and there are no signs specifically saying don t dump your greywater you may be in luck. We were camped in the side yard of an inn at Majahual north of Chetumal in Yucatan Mexico and asked if we could dump grey water. Most BLM National Forest and similar Public Lands only allow for 14 consecutive days of camping. To wash yourself or your dishes carry water 200 feet away from streams or lakes and use small amounts of biodegradable soap. We use them 90 of the time since level campsites on BLM land are hard to find. Duration 15 05. Not all walmarts allow overnight parking. We are also having a discussion about dumping grey water when campi Don t dump it Dumping large amounts of untreated water on the playa introduces contaminants and can turn the clay into instant slippery sticky mud. However this does not mean that it must all go down the drain into sewage. The Bureau of Land Management administers approximately 256 million acres of public lands in the United States. Campgrounds are generally very small with only a few spots available. BLM land rarely offers a dump station. TITLE 43 PUBLIC LANDS INTERIOR Disposing of gray water is one of the biggest challenges you ll face when boondocking in the wild. In a nutshell the BLM has no basic regulation against the practice of dumping quot wash water quot as long as it does not contain food wastes. Our guest on the RV Podcast Interview of the Week is Kimmy King producer for the 2021 Quartzsite RV Show. Grey water dump sites two restroom facilities with outdoor showers black water dump site with water trash removal ramadas and dance floor music performance area. Don t put it in the 99 of the time there will be signs all over the place even in empty BLM land that says no dumping RV grey water on the ground. Plus we have lots of RV news tips and 24 Mar 2019 Dumping your gray water or emptying your gray tank is generally only permitted on BLM public lands these are the lands typically open for dispersed camping. Nov 11 2011 Some people in motorhomes or large travel trailers let their dirty grey water bath amp sinks drain into the parched desert. . Free. Turn off the water and close the black tank by pushing in the black handle. dumping grey water on blm land