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Github portfolio resume

github portfolio resume in Jekyll GitHub University 2014 Ph. About Education Skills Research Experience Projects Website Design. Developers take direction engineers give directions. Learn what to include what not to include and how to prioritize w Resume. California State University East Bay B. So you definitely get better chance to stand out by keeping an up to date Github profile. Expereinces Love traveling Love trying adventurous Architecture Resume Samples amp How to Guide. 80 . Read my Introduction to Natural Language Processing curriculum and my PowerPoint with more ideas for bringing computer science to the English classroom. Kia ora I am an experienced M ori senior data scientist from the A React application that allows the user to input an image link in return detect the faces of an image Utilized MongoDb Node. First we will focus on realistic project ideas and common GitHub content and then share some hints on the repos themselves. in Computer Science 6 2002 Oct 15 2020 Josh Janoe Resume WebSite Resume. 1 MerchProtect. quot Sbonelo has the ability to look at problems and solve them in a very unique way. I am currently an undergraduate student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems Technology and Design ISTD at Singapore University of Technology and Design SUTD . git commit am quot resume changes quot git push origin master. Your LinkedIn profile is a detailed resume with all your work experiences diploma certifications nbsp Perfect for personal sites blogs and portfolios. Past experience includes programming embedded systems in DLP projectors for Texas Instruments. Ready to launch your portfolio Just Another Portfolio. My coding portfolio. Now you can see your portfolio live on by visiting github pages website url. Okay once you ve got something to show you ve got to present it to the world. Email A passionate Android Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. The closer a jewel is to having no shading at all the more noteworthy its worth. scu. Train Time. Download my Resume Additional Founded a e learning based startup teached data science fundamentals and technical stuff to international students Also responsible for company social appearance and website creation it was a great experience of starting from scratch to get great feedbacks from clients Sep 14 2017 All right so in many cases companies are going to ask you for a GitHub profile. HOME ABOUT PORTFOLIO RESUME. archit. Campaign Management Created in house notification system for publishing personalised and non personalised notifications to users. Kate 39 s Portfolio Home Home Resume Web Developer Blog Contact. This can be used by developers who want to showcase their resume and portfolio. 3 Oct 2019 Add Shine to your Data Science Resume with these 8 Ambitious the below two computer vision projects on GitHub to add to your portfolio. a fast Hugo theme 100 Developer Portfolio. CAIS application collects stores and processes account information such as phone numbers SIM IMEI CDR Call Detail Records bill cycles etc. The new project is called Retina and is hosted on my Github. GPA 3. Mario 39 s Pizza mobile pizza ordering experience. The Work and World of Jason D. B. Portfolio About Me Resume GitHub Contact 516 670 4618. GitHub is a type of portfolio and it s public. I am an active member of various tech clubs in my college. Github. Deep learning OpenPose AlphaPose Bootstrap 4 portfolio and resume themes that are fully designed and ready to modify and publish perfect for quickly setting up a personal portfolio website or online resume Start your projects even faster using the new pro products from Start Bootstrap GitHub is the most popular of it all. Nov 20 2019 To establish a github portfolio the first thing to do is to create a github account. Robotics program at Northwestern University. I 39 m a Researcher. Real Time Multimodal Signal Processing. Aradhya Pavan H S. While we were familiar with the necessary front end technologies all three of us on the team were unfamiliar with the tools necessary to build the back end MongoDB Mongoose Express and Amazon Web Services so it was interesting and rewarding to navigate the learning process in a group. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. So I had 2 questions The guy with experience in web development and software development and also who loves to learn new things everyday The Resume About Me. Hi I 39 m Praveen Kumar a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. And one great thing about GitHub is that it shows the README file front and center when you load the repo. json redeploying should grab the latest version. Welcome to my portfolio website. I am broadly interested in understanding complex spatial and temporal processes using big data and informatics to tackle real world problems. js Java GitHub and HTML View Live Demo. I completed my Bachelors in Mechanical engineering in 2014 and worked for 3 years as a software developer. Namecheap Here you ll find bargain prices for your custom domain name registration from as little as 8 a year. GitHub Pages is a great option which allows you to create a Bootstrap Markdown based website hosted on Github which ends up looking professional and is easy to link to project pages for other things you have on Github. Combine Your Resume and Visual Portfolio in Axure prototype. Demo nbsp mortar_board Best in Class modern CV Resume and Portfolio website template. My name is DeShaun Jones and I m a versatile Front end Developer with 5 years of experience designing developing and managing complex websites. io Very legitimate to fill a software portfolio with significant and interesting personal projects nbsp . Surface Electromyography control for a Robotic Hand The goal of this project was to Sarthak Ghosh Master Student in HCI Georgia Tech. Teams with even a modest number of freelancer relationships find this data difficult to manage. Front and center page of a print resume generated by Hydejack. Shatz A blog about Algorithms Python Image Processing Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning and a little bit of Android. I look at dozens of tech resumes and StackOverflow Careers profiles a day and I m glad that more of them have GitHub links with some code to look at. DC Motor Trajectory Follower I am Bijan Seyednasrollah . October 2017 July 2018 Trenchless Marketing was a fast paced startup environment in which I self managed 3 to 4 design projects per month. A Printable Resume. clandreth developer. English Language Arts is an ideal environment for students to learn about NLP. LinkedIn. Just Markup I am a passionate Web Designer who loves to be at the forefront of creative ways follow design trends and generate new ideas. A simple Jekyll GitHub Pages powered resume template. 5 years I 39 ve worked doing software development specifically Web and IoT development in industries such as precision farming renewable energies and drone imagery. Hi My name is Yukyo Moriyama. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science focused in Computer Science and Engineering from Sylhet Engineering College Sylhet. Git JEB This project was equal parts learning about developing as part of a team and learning to code. Aradhya pavan Portfolio Personal Resume. Summary. Microsoft LEAP Apprenticeship Program Technical Program Management 6 2019. A portfolio website is generally a static website featuring work samples and other details as explained above. Chris Smearing is a front end web developer with experience in WordPress Shopify and Perl. github. Amazon Apparel Recommendation Engine. Client Bohiyaanam Date August 25 2019 Skills Golden ratio color theory etc. Deep Learning CNN NLP. My areas of interest are Artificial Intelegence and their applications in improving our lives. Worked for critical application components for UK s largest Telecom provider EE UK on behalf of T Systems. io Website for the meetup https swift dev ninjas. KeepIt Note. quot Sbonelo is just awesome. 2 Jun 2018 git add . I m Aradhya Pavan a Passionate Fullstack Web Developer love to design and build rich and optimized web applications Looking For a Professional Career in Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Field. 7 Como o recrutador ir avaliar seu portf lio 7. Creative Free. I am currently a web development student at Dev Bootcamp and as I expand my skills this website will improve and get ever closer to a portfolio resume site I can be Pulkit Garg Software Engineer Visit Github Download Resume. Now the university I am applying to doesn 39 t work like the unis in US where more often than not people email the professors they are interested in working under and in that email they share their github profile portfolio. Collaborated in a three person team to design and build a social media app via a server that communicated with a database. io Constantly improving myself and learning new technical skills to build up my portfolio. My goals are both professionally and personally driven. Mathematics. The resumes are usually done with help from the college I am not involved. Using the resume template Prorez will let you create the perfect page in close to no time. 75 . All are clean html5 amp bootstrap powered free templates. tbaltrushaitis cv. Human Pose Estimation amp Action Recognition. in GitHub GitHub University 2012 M. If you are looking for a code monkey look elsewhere 25 years of experience means I 39 ll see the problems before you do so don 39 t second guess when my hair stands on end and I call something out for being stupid. ROS Machine Learning Navigation Computer Vision. northwestern. Whenever I make an update I can just bump the version number and npm publish. PDF version of my resume. Clicking on one of the stacks would open a list of applicants and provide a set of actions that could be taken against each one including viewing their resume and application. Examining 3 platforms for portfolio building Github LinkedIn and Medium. GitHub is a web based platform for version control using Link to GitHub depository Full Stack MMA School is an application for creating and managing classes for a martial arts school. Personal Portfolio Website. js jQuery GitHub API Google API MySQL. People are looking at your GitHub account even if you re not showing it to them so How to Setup GitHub Pages in 2020 and create a Data Science Portfolio. This website is a work in progress a first draft of a portfolio site that will eventually live at www. A portfolio that s guaranteed to be impressive no matter what you put into it. that are mapped to each customer. I put mine up as a motivator to me to improve on my software engineering capabilities. Evanston IL 60201 224 723 6820 Using GitHub to host your portfolio using GitHub pages. You can take a look at mine here https chandrikadeb7. Yes your github contents could use improvement. Get in Touch. That is separate and distinct from the portfolio site discussed here. Contact. io to create their sites. I am a Masters Robotics Candidate at Northwestern University graduating in December 2018. Free Download Remove Frame Remove Frame How to Portfolio sites for journalists GitHub makes them cheap and kinda easy by Tyler Fisher for the Northwestern Knight Lab Using Git Try Git A 15 minute interactive tutorial if you want to be more familiar with Git at the command line. swift dev ninjas. Portfolio Resume Website for Jocelyn Tran. Digital Marketing Short Course Sept 2015 BASIS Institute of Technology amp Management BITM . login credentials ianschu7 gmail. The Challenge of Finding a Job After Graduating From Coding Bootcamp Plainly and simply the primary challenge with getting a job when your only development experience is a coding bootcamp is being able to prove yourself to This bootcamp has given not just my skills a big boost but also has given me some great insight on building my portfolio and what employers are looking for in a developer. Create modern responsive technical portfolio sites fast If you have ever tried to build a technical portfolio site using a blogging platform such as WordPress you know it takes time and the results are not always satisfactory. A resume and portfolio for Kat Harris Web Developer. I worked as a Game Designer for about 12 years in South Korea and launched several mobile and online games. Identifying some demographic factors affecting e learning. Hannah Cai. I am also good at leadership management and communication and make use of these along with my technical skills to compete in various hackathons. Emma Xie personal portfolio I am a Toronto based student with Product Management experience currently studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo class of 2020 . Work Portfolio. if you want to hear something take a button on lower right. 11 Sep 2017 a profession which mostly revolves around creating things would finally get its own version of a portfolio. I aspire to contribute to the field of Human Computer Interaction by creating novel interaction paradigms that almost seem magical. Waste Not. You should definitely put it on Github and include it in your application. One of the ways of creating a simple portfolio is using GitHub pages. Aug 04 2016 Hey you built something that your future employer will be interested in. Jun 12 2019 Our interns are required to maintain a resume portfolio site. Robert 39 s Portfolio. hiwrekar gmail. I have enjoyed creating art and editing images using Adobe products since I was 14 years old and have never stopped. These are some of my projects that I have worked on during my past jobs education or on my own. Most of them are in the field of Machine Learning Deep Learning and Data Science areas that interest me the most. GitHub Oct 13 2020 GitHub versus a Web Portfolio Site. I like to host my code on GitHub. If you 39 re interested I am senthilkumar and I am a Front end Developer based on Chennai India I have specialized in HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Angular js Ionic Cordova Phonegap and Photoshop Clicking on one of the stacks would open a list of applicants and provide a set of actions that could be taken against each one including viewing their resume and application. In robotics I am focussing on computer vision. GitHub is a convenient place to store manage and version your code. name I am Meghana Srinivas an enthusiast UI designer and have designed using different tools like Sketch InVision Axure AdobeXD as part of academic projects and through mere passion. io Jul 03 2017 Hopefully you ve been able to find a bit of inspiration from the portfolios above. Matthew Lucas. My interest lies in systems and the 3D Math Physics applied in videogames however I m curious about most areas of game development. Things that interest me make me burn the midnight oil. Head over to GitHub and create an empty repository with the name githubusername. How I created SEO friendly portfolio CV website and hosted it on GitHub. modern CV resume portfolio template live CV Career CV portfolio website CV template IT resume template resume website cv website animated template project Oct 24 2016 Companies ask for a GitHub profile. 1 206 271 0774. Implemented a variational autoencoder deep learning model to learn a continuous representation of 14 455 influenza hemagglutinin protein sequences and trained a Gaussian process model on the continuous representation to predict new flu Easily create technical portfolios using GitHub Pages Jekyll Semantic UI and JSON Resume. Bootstrap. You can filter news content by the keywords of your choice Node. Instructors are able to log in and create classes based on user skill level and preference for in person or virtual lessons and coordinate class size if constraints are required by local health ordinances. 0 License If you d like to use this template without the attribution link you can buy the commercial license . 60 . 23 Apr 2019 Does Github matter if you 39 re a developer in job hunting mode Will Github help you when it comes to the job searching process 25 Feb 2014 Hey Sally Now as an app http resume. As the founding commissioner of apparel amp design for Dunne Hall I worked along the first president to choose a design that showcases features of our dorm including the rector 39 s membership in the Congregation of the Holy Cross stripes representing our floors and PriCoSha. I completed my Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita School of Engineering Bengaluru ASE B India in July 2020. This Bootstrap 4 portfolio template is handcrafted by UX designer Xiaoying Riley at 3rd Wave Media for developers and is FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. Trenchless Marketing Inc. GitHub. Organized flexible with great technical skillset problem solving and critical thinking abilities. Ut a metus arcu. the University of Toronto Toronto Canada. For the past 3. GitHub Gist instantly share code notes and snippets. I hope to grow as a professional by continuously gaining new knowledge which will enhance my existing skills and in turn use those skills to help businesses achieve their goals. Hello You ve stumbled upon my portfolio. Home Resume Bio The guy with experience in web development and software development and also who loves to learn new things everyday The Resume Hello You ve stumbled upon my portfolio. An app to help with information when travelling and as a guide. As an architect you most definitely have the necessary design skills and aesthetics flair to create a stand out resume but you may still encounter problems regarding the writing and formatting of a proper modern resume that is tailored for the specific company you apply for. Contribute to lmahmud Portfolio Resume development by creating an account on GitHub. Nao and Cozmo Friendly Robots that Infer your Feelings. Fullstack Web Developer. The code of this webpage is written in HTML and CSS is used for styling and a very small part is written in JavaScript and is hosted using GitHub platform. Still his admittedly limited testing shows that the importance of GitHub in hiring varies depending on the company and the role you re applying for. Portfolio Combining the portfolio API with JSON Resume you can utilize any of the community 39 s templates. I used Jquery and Javascript to create the my Github section that automatically shows you my Github repository and will take you directly to any project you click on to view the source code READMe file and all resources used in addition it will show you any other repository when you type in the Github username in the search bar. Worked on designing the steering system of the eBAJA buggy. Growing up at 5. Started out with a passion for renewable energies. com. Simulation of pollution Portfolio This portfolio includes work product and writings related to my product management 3 yrs and startup 10 yrs experience. An Impressive Portfolio. Designer Developer Engineer LinkedIn. This free vCard template can be used as either portfolio resume or combination of both. The best resumes are those targeted to a specific job because it shows the employer you 39 ve researched the role and that you have the skills necessary for the job. resume template A simple Jekyll GitHub Pages powered resume template. Full article for this tutorial https www. This is my personal online portfolio Resume. Source repo Source repo https github. quot Vuyile Magwaza. Skilled in Kotlin Java C etc. Suspendisse interdum erat et neque tincidunt volutpat. I would like to join a strong team to work together to build high quality products that make people 39 s life simpler and better. Executed the fucntion to allow users to create groups and add and remove memebers from existing groups. Produced a peak torque of 38 Nm and maximum acceleration of 3. Common GitHub Content. 2. period. Lebo Mokoena. This is a great resource to share examples of your work with potential employers. Aug 19 2018 If you 39 re wondering whether or not you need a GitHub account or portfolio link for projects on your resume the answer is it depends. Get a resume that s consistent across the board whether it s on the web mobile print or PDF. If people want a GitHub we shall give them a GitHub. io Blog 5 2014. Direct link to the Github project. A simple responsive single page portfolio and resume for developers built nbsp Best in Class modern CV Resume and Portfolio website template. About Projects Resume About Projects Resume Projects Resume Learn how to craft and tailor your Data Science resume to get noticed by Hiring Managers. say I have the following Python script taken from the scikit learn examples 23 Aug 2016 The 2 templates included are CC BY NC 4. name Download Resume I have started my career at Brain Station 23 Ltd. js and Express for backend data access and storage of rentals. When clicking on the link you will see the project page on Github. Graphic Designer Pleasure 2004 Current Self Enjoyment. com sproogen modern resume theme. An API for your resume and portfolio implementing the open source JSON Submit a PR to the community portfolios GitHub repo to share your portfolio with nbsp GitHub Pages powered resume. Shatz Software Engineer. Tasks include web design developing print digital marketing communications photography and copy input. This project was a jump in complexity given the full 3D transformation pipeline. Developed a full stack trademark search and tracking web application optimized for amazon merch sellers. About me. Github Repo GroupMe Project 3. It 39 s a another step in the we won 39 t hire tech people who don 39 t have a public portfolio nbsp 29 Mar 2019 How to create a portfolio of data science projects that will actually As mentioned in our resume chapter there should be a clickable GitHub nbsp 14 Jan 2017 Learn how to present the perfect data science portfolio on GitHub. Use video recognition technology to join the game to achieve with the body can interact with the projection screen feedback without the need to operate by the controller. Download my resume below My Resume My Contact. io Built Flu Forecaster a machine learning powered system that forecasts flu sequences six months out to better prepare for manufacturing of vaccine strains. I specialize in building custom WordPress themes from the ground up. Copyright 2018 J. Want my full resume My Works Jul 24 2019 GitHub Pages Any aspiring software engineer will already have a profile here. While your cover letter is generally the best place to include extensive information about projects you have worked on in the past you should include a single link to specific examples on your resume. Pellentesque feugiat dictum Resume. Patel LinkedIn Resume I 39 m a Developer. Analyses in Google Analytics Excel d3. mail Contact Projects amp portfolio Boosting organizational memory and resource planning Working with freelancers means an inevitable level of flux in availability of quality talent. I have tried to create a very nbsp 22 Sep 2020 website for example https willietanner. I have rich experience in web site development and building and customization also I am good at Python and Django. Once your account is created you may go ahead to edit your profile. This is a personal website built with Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages which is based on the new Neumorphism design trend and was developed with a mobile first approach. Facial Emotion Recognition Python archithiwrekar. Create modern responsive technical portfolio nbsp 28 Nov 2018 Land the job Get help with a resume and cover letter https gumroad. Mar 17 2019 Github is like your technical resume and portfolio. io here replace githubusername with your actual GitHub username. My resume. Hi. The official flag for Notre Dame 39 s newest men 39 s residence hall Dunne Hall. Jun 08 2020 Your portfolio is hosted on GitHub pages for free Your personal portfolio website is published at https lt your github username gt . About Me. io . In the game there are 3 main things to do shop for assets fight or use stealth to run away from monsters and gather gold. Resume Portfolio Blog Contact Resume 1 Year 6 Months Experience. Thus my only avenue is now linking the github page and projects page in my resume in the contact section. I m of the belief that 90 of applications are now online and you should be adding links to your portfolio your LinkedIn page and possibly more depending on your industry and the type of work that you ve done. My background is a game development. Alpha is a unique portfolio template built with bootstrap. DBZ Battle Zone on Github. Education. I am Sajib Hossain Software Engineer based on Jashore Bangladesh. I AM A FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPER With specialty in Front End development JavaScript React CSS Ruby Portfolio Work News Glean. You simply use the tool out of the box and experience a swift page realization. 75 m s2 at nominal current of 100 A. I also have machine learning projects demonstrating my technical facility those fall under these categories Download Resume My Reputation. Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master 6 2019. Nov 27 2019 Basically a portfolio is a way of showcasing work samples and skills stated in your resume. It is trivial to create a current CV anytime you need it. Hi I 39 m a geospatial data analyst and cartographer exploring geography through maps code and everything in between and beyond I am currently with the Library of Congress and I live and work in beautiful Washington D. Facebook Friend Recommendation. May 08 2018 Now to go to the settings of the resume github repo. lukeshi2017 u. All in One Page site with simply customizable builder. Your github repository is the only evidence that 39 s available to them that you can write or design anything. Cras imperdiet nisi a euismod molestie. Jun 30 2020 Resume Templates Github Besides the way that a layout will do literally nothing to separate you from your opposition guaranteeing that your resume mixes in instead of standing Resume Templates Github serious issue with continue formats are that they basically aren t versatile to the exceptional foundations of individual officials. Ernestynne Walsh. eBAJA All Terrain Electric Vehicle 03 2019 01 2020. quot Sbonelo has been a really good mentor to me. Nov 2018 Current Git Github. Link to Resume Explore a magical world and go on the Wizard 39 s Quest which will have the player fight monsters go on stealth missions and save their love. GitHub Pages themes. With a passion for technology and motivation driving me forward I 39 m here to create meaningful and modern looking websites. edu 2145 Sheridan Rd. In the past they have chosen to use Blogger WordPress GitHub or GoHugo. I don 39 t label it just like I don 39 t say quot Mail me at myemailaddress quot Then near the end of the resume I have this section ONLINE PORTFOLIO My online portfolio includes examples of my past BBI Consultants Freelancer Phialdelphia PA March 2019 Present Currently working on a confidential branding project. Visit your portfolio API endpoint and grab the JSON response Create a GitHub Gist named resume. Natural Language Processing NLP Curriculum. Cras eget augue id dui varius pretium. Tokopedia. io. Chenge Yang is currently a Master student in M. 81. It provides insight into your personality and work ethic. Unit this word encompasses a wide range meanings from a digit to a division in an industry from a single piece to generalizing the entire measuring system Units here are the different components this company incorporates to Tailored resumes in less than two minutes Built with Canva DigitalOcean Pageclip Typeform Mailgun GitHub ICONS8 Imgbot and Heroku. Enjoy reading Wii Voxel Pool. When you say portfolio you should mention whether it is for your resume CV or project showcase design showcase etc. About Me . In 2011 I wrote that I thought tech applicant assessment should be more portfolio based. His love for code and problem solving grows everyday quot Anda Pika. 2020 Current. com Resume Pune Available for hire. Vaidehi H. Sep 29 2020 Get Online CV on GitHub. uipf A Unified Image Processing Framework. Jul 05 2020 Resume Templates Github One of the commonsense highlights for single and multi page archives is the bringing forth of connected Resume Templates Github content boxes in reports that stay unaltered while the content itself reboots and spouts through the boxes. All in One Page site with simple and fully customizable builder. . Multidisciplinary data scientist leading the PhenoCam Dataset. Contribute to davidreke resume portfolio development by creating an account on GitHub. But anything on your resume or linked from your resume is fair game. js and combined sources. Hosted on Github. nbsp 13 Apr 2020 Easily create technical portfolios using GitHub Pages Jekyll Semantic UI and JSON Resume. Step 1. Software Engineer. Telegram. one of the largest IT company in Bangladesh. When editing your profile its a good idea to add a short biography and a professional profile picture. io Hello My name is Unnati Shah I am a Machine Learning and a Deep Learning enthusiast currently pursuing Bachelor 39 s Degree in Computer Science amp Engineering from University of Mumbai. 0 licensed which means you can use them for your portfolio website and resume The end website nbsp 24 Oct 2016 Put a link to your GitHub in your resume and every application forms you have to fill. Contributed open source projects on GitHub vtm a vector tile map library written in java running on android desktop and within the browser. Turtlebot Self parking. End to End Analytics Specialist. description translate 39 job 39 job. 00 USD per gallon of gasoline I wanted to be the one to solve the issue of growing energy requirements with Hydrogen fuel. Ivan Chen Portfolio Pages. codes. com github data science portfo Wenru Shi I make good use of Google Stackoverflow and Github. json and paste the API response Portfolio. I am currently living at Hi. JRT 39 s personal website. io After all the mess the action could generate an HTML file which with the help of Github pages can be deployed and there you have your self updating portfolio hosted for free Now to automate this whole process of adding new entries I came up with Github action. This article will explain how to present a GitHub project for use in a resume. I publish a few articles and tutorials each week please consider entering your email here if you d like to be added to my once weekly email list. I am a 3rd year Computer Science student of the University of British Columbia. See full list on dataquest. My portfolio and resume. I have built my own portfolio of projects that I am proud to show others. Marek5050. This app eliminates the guesswork which can save Amazon accounts from getting terminated as well as saving them time. I described what I would be looking for as an interviewer one point was Sep 11 2017 Whereas GitHub is still just an optional component of the hiring process resume remains essential to it. Even if web Resume and Publications. Master of Science in Computer Science 2018 Nova Southeastern University Florida. Whether you 39 re looking for your first or tenth job you should continue to update and refine your resume. Experience. Surface EMG Control for a Robotic Hand Jan 10 2020. I am a fan of technology entrepreneurship and coffee. UCLA Statistics Student with European Studies Minor. Nick Mikstas nmikstas alumni. quot Oct 24 2016 High Quality Free Responsive Personal Portfolio CV Resumes Templates free download in 2018. Experienced with Fullstack Web dev AR Game dev Blockchain. The primary task is to get set up with GitHub understand JSON and YMAL notation and learn how to create and edit a GitHub repository for your portfolio. Learn Social Media marketing like Facebook Twitter Tnstagram YouTube Email Marketing amp So On. Current iteration. Centro de Desarollo Infantil. I have a nbsp 20 Nov 2019 A Data Science Portfolio is More Valuable than a Resume. The question Do you contribute to open source is now one of the most common questions asked in phone screens. Welcome to my Homepage Seeking for full time positions in Robotics and SLAM. Buy github website templates from 2. Send period. Resume. A customizable one to multi page theme for Github Style. You will also learn to work within the MIS Portfolios collaborative project to add your MIS portfolio to the public gallery. Paus conversational UI visual design e Learning barriers. View on GitHub. By setting the bar too high for themselves many juniors end up with a portfolio of half baked ideas that will never be near completion. CPP LED Matrix Chess with Voice Control attach_file Resume . edu github portfolio site Graduated from 3 Udacity nanodegress Data Analyst Machine Learning Engineer and Deep Learning foundations . Knowledge Units let 39 s break it down starting with the latter. Sep 29 2020 My Resume. D in Version Control Theory GitHub University 2018 expected Logo Design. Personal blog about my experiences with technology. from period. Having your potential employers look at code you ve written will give them a good impression of y Feb 04 2016 My portfolio link appears in two places on my resume First I put the link to my online portfolio directly under my email address at the top of the resume. I am an electronics prototyping specialist from Las Vegas Nevada. Being up to date with the latest development via Datacamp and Dataquest online learning platforms expanding my knowledge in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning with new material and hands on projects. However only few candidates have a Github page on their resumes and most of them are not well maintained. Portfolio. dataoptimal. If the portfolio website is using lastest in the package. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. If you 39 re a developer you need to have a GitHub repository available for inspection by potential employers. My background is electronics engineering with a masters in solar energy. May 02 2018 Having it online is an added advantage since anyone from all over the world is able to see it by just clicking on your portfolio s link. Built with GitHub Experience with OpenCV C C Image Recognition Somatosensory Interactive System Android NDK . I am a Computer Games Technology graduate working as a programmer. I make good use of Google Stackoverflow and Github. kate. Scheduling App for Dog walkers and their clients. Devang Bhuva. nbsp A simple responsive single page portfolio and resume for developers built with Bulma Sass Font Awesome and Flickity. I described what I would be looking for as an interviewer one point was Responsive Resume CV Portfolio Template. Multiple Portfolios Websites for Artists Actors Kyle Nicholas Anderson Resume. minimal portfolio theme. find the github pages settings and activate it for the master branch. resume template resume portfolio nbsp A portfolio website is generally a static website featuring work samples and other details as explained above. At BS 23 Ltd I have been involved in creating award winning applications creating solutions for European Enterprises. If you don 39 t have a useful GitHub portfolio that 39 s fine. academy Learn Code nbsp This is a broad question. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a B. Check out some projects I have worked on. Please call me yukyo. About this site. Social Graaph Link Prediction. Portfolio Hello My name is Ramshankar Yadhunath. jariwala1993 Portfolio. D. Know more about me. Tucson AZ Check out my project resume blog or contact me. Hola I am a Python Developer. MinhNguyen Resume. Restaurant Food Order Management Laravel Vue. To create the game I first made an Entity Component framework which helped with modularity and quickly iterating behaviours. Mar 18 2020 If a resume is where you talk the talk a portfolio is where you have to walk the walk. Reaching top speed of 38 km h with run time of 108 min in a full charge. designer artist creative coder. Udacity Android Nanodegree 11 2018. Contribute to p1ass portfolio development by creating an account on GitHub. Waste Note is a social media web application aimed to make living sustainably a little easier. md to a Github Pages and use a fancier url. All in One Page site with simply customizable builder. Simple Resume. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Applied Social Data Science degree with the London School of Economics and Political Science. Pellentesque elementum ultricies quam sit amet rhoncus nisl viverra in. I am a Machine learning Engineer at TrellisSoft and a research enthusiast working into Deep Learning fields of Classification Segmentation Attention Networks and Recommender Systems. About . Train Time on Github. Materialize. GitHub is a website where you can post code to share with others. Trello Jira Slack. I hope that you will know me through this website. Created with HTML5 CSS ReactJs Fitness Website Created With Reactjs Aaron Bruce 39 s portfolio site using creative theme jekyll template by volny GitHub Resume. In the root directory of your project initialize a git repository as follows git init . Contact Me. End to End driving model Paul Rydberg Resume CV vCard. All in One Page site Yet another online resume markdown template based on jekyll. S. It is closely related to Online Resume or C. You will see something like this Finally you can see your resume in your A portfolio is a compilation of materials that exemplifies your beliefs skills qualifications education training and experiences. That link must send directly to a project. Detail oriented individual. A portfolio site is where you sell yourself and your abilities. Jacob Hein 39 s Portfolio Blog and Current Projects. You can use GitHub to host your programmer portfolio and make connections with fellow coders and developers. Skills. If you 39 re interested It s acceptable to use links in your resume cover letter or any form of the job application assuming you re submitting it online. But would they hire you based on your GitHub profile alone The short answer No they normally wouldn t. Technology enthusiast currently exploring the Blockchain distributed computing and open source best practices. mmacneil devfolio. The flag features the official crest in the middle. I have acquired a solid understanding of how websites are developed and maintained. Feb 04 2019 How to present your project online and in your resume. bare minimum add your email address plus links to your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. Dec 09 2017 Maze is a beautiful and completely free personal portfolio website template. Built with GitHub I am a Computer Science student at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam. Touching a broad range of languages and technologies such as Blockchain Hadoop Spark NodeJS and TravisCI. I am a Senior Manager Business Analysis for Metro by T Mobile and I specialize in business intelligence analytics and reporting. Users can search for sustainable alternatives to products save and share products via lists and browse the lists and profiles of other users. Apr 27 2018 The resume is maintained via GitHub but also published on npm. It showcases a candidate s areas of interest and their contribution in the open source community. My github is woefully out of date but I get a kick out of seeing where I am compared to where I was. If you have a lot of work on GitHub GitHub Pages is an easy way to turn your repositories into a website that can serve as your portfolio. Hello My name is Ramshankar Yadhunath. Developer Portfolio Website Template. About Projects Resume About Projects Resume Projects Resume Git JEB This project was equal parts learning about developing as part of a team and learning to code. I am senthilkumar and I am a Front end Developer based on Chennai India I have specialized in HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Angular js Ionic Cordova Phonegap and Photoshop Download My Resume. js. A simple responsive resume CV theme with 6 color themes and an easy setup. Dawid Mazewski Portfolio. Ticky Tacky Dark 39 s front page is a nbsp 14 Mar 2020 I 39 ll recommend reading the part Why a GitHub profile It is important to build a nice portfolio with a couple of apps. GitHub Repository Link Comfy House E commerce site where a customer can add and remove products from their shopping cart and items can be added and removed from the store using a database I look at dozens of tech resumes and StackOverflow Careers profiles a day and I m glad that more of them have GitHub links with some code to look at. V. What about GitHub though If you 39 re nbsp 11 Jul 2019 That 39 s why GitHub created the Student Developer Pack in partnership We will be using Bootstrap 4 39 s resume template to build our portfolio. GitHub Is Your Resume Now. Nov 13 2015 A good Github profile can both make you more likely to pass resume screening and impress the interviewer. GitHub Gist star and fork ajrice1018 39 s gists by creating an account on GitHub. Illustrate all that nbsp While a resume matters having a portfolio of public evidence of your data science Having a Github page a Kaggle profile a Stack Overflow etc can provide nbsp GitHub with your own subdomain name By the end of the project you will be hosting a website that you can use to showcase your work and your r sum to nbsp 3 Dec 2014 Despite being good the Github Resume drove me mad. Hello there I 39 m Ashutosh Nautiyal this is my online portfolio. Website This is the most common project. I 39 m a Yellow Jacket. Front End Back End I use github to manage my repository or version of my project. Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science Sep. Ready to launch your portfolio I am a Computer Science student at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam. Want my full resume My Works Download my Resume Additional Founded a e learning based startup teached data science fundamentals and technical stuff to international students Also responsible for company social appearance and website creation it was a great experience of starting from scratch to get great feedbacks from clients Mar 15 2019 Today however I want to discuss a specific aspect of the job search building an excellent programming portfolio. Never link to the root nbsp 17 Mar 2019 Agree on this. Resume . Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit. It is perfect for CV Resume creative agency personal portfolio and can easily be converted to suit your needs. john bootstrap one page html5 free resume template live example 45 johndoe portfolio resume bootstrap template live example 46 light coming soon html responsive template live example 47 lovely wedding bootstrap free website template live example 48 matrix free bootstrap admin template live example 49 me resume personal portfolio Mar 01 2019 If your project is stored on a Github repository you have several options on how to link it to the portfolio 1. CV Resume and Portfolio website template Best in Class modern CV Resume and Portfolio website template. Mentee. com grindreel My Courses https grindreel. This is a site hosting service that takes HTML CSS and JavaScript files directly from a repo on GitHub. Tailored resumes in less than two minutes Built with Canva DigitalOcean Pageclip Typeform Mailgun GitHub ICONS8 Imgbot and Heroku. Contribute to montoulieu resume development by creating an account on GitHub. If the game is too long the user can always resume by logging back in later. I pursued my bachelor degree in Information Technology from Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun. I compile my works and profile here. Want your new theme to work seamlessly with GitHub Pages These templates all work great right out of the box. Convert your project README. nbsp Best in Class modern CV Resume and Portfolio website template. I 39 m a Cornellian. My resume and portfolio built with Vue. This was to be a new HRM application integrating to Microsoft Dynamics to provide web based access to human resource data to employees. Please note that you may not post code from an academic course on a public GitHub repository for academic honesty reasons. Jan 31 2020 Building your personal online resume or portfolio is a great way to show potential investors buyers or employers who you are and the professional abilities you have to offer. 19 Apr 2020 GitHub has a parallel value to LinkedIn where both social media platforms enables uploads of professional headshot photos resumes nbsp 24 Jul 2019 A programmer portfolio is more than a simple resume. More Jekyll portfolio themes nbsp 30 Jun 2020 source Academic website builder GitHub and Netlify. Recruiters ask for a GitHub profile. GitHub README. Image by Author Webpage Link https kaustubhgupta. Cras posuere dolor risus. to period. Welcome Name 39 s Vytenis I 39 m a youthful Junior Web Developer from Lithuania Vilnius. It s like the Linkedin for developers except the profile portion is small the work needs to speak for itself. The most common form of a web developer s portfolio is a personal web page. Portfolio Resume Contact About Twitter LinkedIn GitHub LinkedIn GitHub Mar 30 2016 Get 191 github website templates on ThemeForest. Solo Project. While having a GitHub is not a deciding factor to land up a good developers job a genuine GitHub portfolio lets potential employers have a quick glance into a candidate s abilities. I 39 m Front end developer and I am looking for a job. 1 Bons desenvolvedores t m bons nbsp 8 Mar 2018 Since there are a couple of problems with using GitHub profiles as a data read my resume before the interview let alone my GitHub which I found my experience wasn 39 t because of my relatively modest GitHub portfolio. CV Education. While you might assume that nbsp 11 Mar 2018 For a long time I wanted to create my personal resume CV website. Github repository. C. in Computer Engineering and collected two minors in Computer Science and Technology Commercialization. In this guide you 39 ll learn how to create a free website for your online portfolio resume nbsp 18 Mar 2020 Your software engineer resume and portfolio will be essential tools for If you have a lot of work on GitHub GitHub Pages is an easy way to nbsp 19 Aug 2018 If you use GitHub it wouldn 39 t hurt to include link at the top of your resume beneath your contact information. Self Driving Car Cloning. Leveraged the power of distributed computing to optimize the rate of sending notifications at 70k second. com quot password quot GitHub Repository Deployed Site Resume. github portfolio resume