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    glock 40 10mm vs xdm 10mm 40 Smith and Wesson. 44 mag or higher would be your best bet for defense of a grizzly unless you feel the need to lug around a shotgun or high powered rifle. There is an old saying that is worth consideration Never get into a gunfight with a caliber that does not start with anything less than a 4. These conversions use the original 10mm magazines. Oct 16 2011 I had a Glock 20sf. The 10mm Auto Glock 40 which is of course the subject of this story was introduced early in 2015 at SHOT Show. I like the MOS Mar 05 2019 Let me tell you when shooting a 10mm in such a light gun the proper grip size is important for recoil mitigation. But the 10mm does have more knock down power for Oct 21 2017 Not the same as a . 40 Glocks. Worth the money if you plan on shooting it for a long time. 1 Jan 2009 I have been reading up on my XDM 40 since before I got it and I have tail deer with his Glock 20 using handloaded 10mm hunting rounds. Whether you are a fan of big bore handguns a 1911 aficionado or simply a nbsp 02 Inches Stainless Steel 34015S or other Pistol Barrels we sell contact us to speak with a product expert who can I carry a Glock 40 G mos 10 mm in a chest rig when hunting whatever. 25 inch barrel. I ended up with the XDM 5. Oct 09 2018 A long slide Glock typically has a barrel length between 5. 10MM Auto Buffalo Bore Ammo in Glock Model 20 meplat 0. WILL ACCEPT RED DOT SIGHT SYSTEMS LIKE TRIJICON RMR. See more ideas about Glock Glock 10mm Hand guns. FLUX Brace for 10mm and . 40 S amp W measures . I got this pistol a few months ago and have put just over 400 rounds downrange of various types of ammunition from mild 180gr ball to several different defensive rounds with no issues. 5 but I was going to or think about trading in my XDm. I carried Glocks for years and repaired a great many for those I worked with. 374 for the . . 10mm. On paper the 10mm has about 25 more power and 25 more recoil than the 40 S amp W but I 39 d like some practical insight from those who have experience with both. They work 100 and feed great with 10 rounds. Zero issues to date. 40 S amp W Similarities Differences and Uses. Glock. GLOCK BLUE LABEL PROGRAM DISCOUNT ALL BELOW NOW QUALIFY Dec 08 2013 10mm 1911 39 s vs EAA Witness etc I have been toying with a 10mm as something with some more oomf to take with me when walking the dog I live in the country and previously mostly had things like coyotes and mink etc to consider but there are increasing numbers of black bears and there have been mountain lions spotted recently as well . 6 inch barrel of the Glock 20 will boost a bullet s velocity by an extra 40 90 feet per second compared to a subcompact barrel that s an inch shorter. When it comes to comparisons the . Want to sell to someone with a ccw Private Party Meridian 420 NEW SPRINGFIELD XDM 10MM NEW SPRINGFIELD XDM 10MM BOX 2 MAGS. 25 10mm vs Glock 40 for Alaskan Bears Part 2 With Alaskan Ballistics Duration 10 44. S amp W vs. I had a Gen 3 20 at one time and you would see quot Glock bulge quot on the cases. 40 in the safe and the G29 will be my EDC ETS FITS GLOCK 20 29 40 30RD 10MM MAG 19. 85 inch. The Glock 40 gun shoots the substantially powerful 10mm cartridges. The base and rim of the 9mm are . Compatible with most lights. Featuring three interchangeable backstraps Mega lock grip texturing and a full length guide rod that synergistically combine to tame the recoil impulse of the mighty 10mm cartridge this is the most serious XD M yet. The Glock G29 is in essence a G19 in 10mm and Glock s compact 10mm pistol. If the Glock G22 was the favored pistol I would admit to that fact. OPTIC NOT INCLUDED. 40 S amp W models. Glocks are easy to work on and there are many places to get parts and aftermarket parts as well barrels strikers springs etc. I can 39 t explain the accuracy nbsp 4 Mar 2019 The new 33 ounce 16 round Springfield XD M in 10mm Auto is easy to Mag. 0 5 Review Anyone have experience with the Glock 20 and the XDM 10mm Any preference for one over the other I might be looking to get another full size 10mm and these would be my top two choices. I m NOT recommending you shoot 40 SW in the wrong chamber Nov 25 2013 10mm vs 40 Smith amp Wesson. The go to brand for high quality but affordable handguns Glock offers three options chambered in 10mm Auto the Glock 20 Glock 29 and Glock 40. O. 5 and 5. I also have the G40 which is an excellent pistol. 40cal 10mm It came down to a glock 20 or a springfield xdm. 5 has a lot going for it. 40S amp W put a doe down a couple of seasons ago bang flop with 180gr HST ammo. 40 is cheaper so range practice wont hit the wallet so hard. Glocks have many caliber offerings as well verses the XD. 40 S amp W. Springfield Armory is pleased to announce a highly anticipated new addition to their polymer pistol lineup the XD M 10mm. The only quot problem quot with 10mm 1911s is the cost you 39 re looking at almost twice the cost of a Glock for a 10mm 1911. Glock PI2950201 G29 Standard 10mm 3. 25 XDM 10mm 3. 5 inch that it comes with . 45 ACP. The 10mm if you plan to shoot real 10 mm Norma like spec 39 s. Compared to their . 25 or 4. Also the neck is . I also rented the G29 and love how it shot I was at a couple of LGS 39 s and seen that they have boxes of 10mm ammo for 25 in fmj and they had another kind on 10mm ammo for 34 in hp they were selling a box of 20 or 25 for 29 but I would order some Underwood or some Double Tap in hp. Buy Online with safety transaction. Springfield 10mm Vs Glock 40 There are many more 10mm options available here and now in 2019 Obviously 10mm caught on and is in a growth spurt of sorts going through caliber puberty now. Officer price is below. CARVER Custom 4 port 10MM Compensator including 4 ports on the top with 3 exhaust ports on each side totaling 10 ports. I 39 ve seen quite a few sell their 10 1911 just too much recoil. Oct 10 2018 Otherwise the two pistols are identical. Manufacturer Lone Wolf Arms. 61 inch 168 mm Nov 27 2012 I have been kicking around selling my setup Revolver reloading dies holsters ammo speedloaders and getting setup with a Glock 20 10mm. Feb 02 2015 Xdm 10mm Discussion in 39 Does anyone know if Springfield is working on a 10MM optics ready pistol much like the new Glock 40 delta6 Feb 2 2015. You might want to consider the Glock 20. Better barrel and trigger out of the box than a G20 or 40. 25 has a fiber optic front with adjustable target rear Aug 07 2015 From my experience with the Delta Elite a large framed Glock and the new P220 10mm it 39 s no contest for me. Lighter pistol. I had the Glock 40 for about a year tried every 10mm round I could get ahold of and nbsp 20 Mar 2019 Springfield vs. There is new ammunition being manufactured in velocities the 10mm was intended for like in the newer SIG Elite Performance ammo and firearms manufacturers such as Glock and SIG have offered new pistols chambered in the round the G20 Gen4 MOS and P220 10 respectively. The XD has enjoyed limited success as a law enforcement firearm. The fact remains that the Springfield XDm 40 4. and it would be advisable to use the light pressure stuff to make sure voiding the warrentee wont be regrettable. Oct 16 2020 The Glock 40 is a long slide variant of the popular Glock 20 10mm. 9mm Luger . Aug 12 2018 These are our top five choices for 10mm Auto self defense ammo. The side profile of the G29 is just a bit fatter than a G19 but about a 1 4 shorter as noted previously. My reloading dies for . Jul 05 2012 I 39 m going to go out on a limb and say that a 10mm or . I have also seen a second EAA 10mm Wonder break a firing pin jam the firing pin into an engaged position and force a round into battery so hard that the primer was dented to the point we cannot believe it did no Springfield has introduced two versions of the XDm in 10mm Auto a 5 1 4 target model and the 4 1 2 model as reviewed here. A glock 40 on a white background. Oct 07 2009 The Glock 21 isn 39 t a small pistol by any means so make sure it 39 s comfortable in your hands. Available with a 4. 460 vs 44 recoil is a massive difference. The 10mm penetration was around 16 inches. For now the XDM is probably the best 10mm platform for value with a much better grip than the Glock. I was surprised when I stopped in a gun shop in Kenai they had a large selection of 10mm in stock. And I carry one to this date. Ammo for 40 is everywhere. Jun 17 2019 glock flat dark earth gen 4 full size pistol This one is an aesthetic marvel and a shrewd one at that. Glock states this will void your warranty and rightfully so as one is shooting a round outside of proper head spacing. either their g22 or 35 with a hot . Comparisons of Heavy Handgun Loads. 25 1988 Colt Delta Elite 2001 Feb 02 2010 Both shot very well even when the stress levels were slightly elevated. As long as you 39 re using high quality 10mm Auto ammo designed for self defense it 39 ll perform very well in that role. 40 S amp W and 9x25 Dillon all of which are based on a 10mm . Holding 15 1 rounds the XD M 10mm tames this potent cartridge for a comfortable shooting experience with each pull of the trigger. Especially if you can get in the same format as the quot Competition quot model. 40 S amp W tests we used a Glock 27 with a 3. 45 ACP P 23 000 but even so it is way below . Please contact Kiesler for agency price. Feb 22 2015 I like the G40 10mm with the reflex site. Glock 40 M. The 1911 has alot more recoil in non watered down 10mm ammo. 85 quot travels around 1074 fps from a 6 quot barrel and has an average 423 foots pounds per square inch. 40 Feb 17 2015 First Look GLOCK s 10mm G40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration The GLOCK 40 Gen4 in Modular Optic System MOS Configuration combines the power of the 10mm AUTO with the enhanced velocities of a longer 6. 40 will work with this caliber and if I make enough off the Redhawk sale I could add a Lone Wolf fully supported barrel to the G20 and shoot P 10mm have night sights 16 round Springfield XDM 10mm 4. 45 4. 90 10mm is centerfire. I installed a KKM stainless barrel added nght sights a Vickers mag release and extended slide release. 10mm . Neither Game and Fish nor OSHA have completed or released their nbsp 4 Jun 2019 40 Smith amp Wesson and . Both have full size frames with 15 round magazines standard differences are found in barrel and slide length as well as sights. got. Nov 08 2008 The great thing about the 40 compared to the 10mm is availability and price of ammo. Properly machined replacement threaded match grade suppressor tuned stainless steel barrels are available for Browning Colt CZ Glock HK Para Ordnance S amp W Military amp Police SIG Springfield Armory XD and Walther P99 directly from AWC Glock 40 Gen 4 Semi Automatic 10mm 6. 6 inch barrel so this isn t exactly an apples to apples comparison. The subcompact Glock 29 holds 10 1 rounds. I was going to warm up with it a bit on a silhouette target to get a feel for the gun and the trigger before I tried anything remotely target but I changed my mind. Where the 10mm s shell measures . I can 39 t imagine the 10mm would have been any less effective. 3 May 2019 Springfield vs. The 10mm Auto 10 25mm official C. Not compatible with other pistol brands or 9mm . 25 10mm. The Glock 20 has 15 round mags and I picked up an extra 6 inch barrel vs the 4. It is 100 reliable soft shooting for a handgun of this power easy to carry in a conventional belt holster and simple to operate and maintain. From what i 39 ve read people have told me and saw on You Tube the 10mm round is a very very stout round. At the 180 185gr loadings they re dead even in power at 1300fps. It is being made available with either a 4. 40S amp W or 10mm except that they are supported headspaced by the case mouth. I haven 39 t got to shoot it yet but plan to tomorrow. 40 can will handle it but voids the warrentee. Power is a matter of perspective and the all new XD M OSP in 10mm delivers both in Springfield 39 s most potent and v Dec 08 2016 Yeah there 39 s a reason there was no Glock on my list. The small grip frame allows me to find and press the magazine release button without changing my grip as I must on other guns like the competing Glock 40. 5 quot one about six months ago and cannot imagine owning any other 10mm. The G20 and G40 both come with 15 round magazines. The 10mm. 45 caliber and sparked the design of the . 25 inch barrel model has an MSRP of 779 and comes with three mags and a fully adjustable rear target sight. The 4. We covered it before in examining 10mm vs . That 39 s coming from a guy that 39 s a big big fan of my G21. Introducing the Gen5 family which includes 9x19 and . I have a Glock 40 MOS. The springfield xdm has a fully supported chamber and is ready to go right out of the box with no modifications needed. Apr 15 2018 It interesting I have a TC carbine barrel in 10mm and get very close to the same velocity from my 7 quot Glock 40 as I do from the 18 quot TC or the Kriss vector 16 quot withe the 200 39 grain Power Pistol loads. 45 nbsp 4 Dec 2010 Vs Glock 17. 99 3 29 to 35. law enforcement s interest in the hard hitting cartridge. They added it a few weeks ago and I 39 ve been very curious about it as Colts are the only 10mm that I 39 ve ever shot. The 10mm Auto cartridge seems to be going through a renaissance. I usually stick to steel frame 10mm as they keep the grip smaller. However there are no aftermarket 9x23 Winchester barrels for the Glock. 40 vs. 10mm heavy 180 . Springfield XD XDM Fluting Special run old stock and discontinued barrels Glock 29 10mm 240. Mar 09 2018 10mm power is not that much bigger than the 9mm G43. 4 inch barrel. Item currently sold out . 5 standard and 5. Nov 06 2013 Because I 39 m also thinking about 10mm to use when I 39 m hiking or camping. The 10mm Auto case is 25. my. and If you searching to check on Springfield Armory Xdm 10mm Vs Glock 20 And Black Rifle Coffee Company Ads Hd Springfield Armory Xdm 10mm Vs Glock 20 And Black Rifle Coffee Company Ads Hd price. Glock mags. Most fanboys will tell you the grip safety is shit and breaks but I like having it nbsp 7 Mar 2019 Who has experience with Glock 20 or new XDM 10mm For the Springfield XD I have an XDm 4. The p220 is very nice for sure the trigger is amazing. be 0DIKU70xel0 Support nbsp 99 In Stock Brand Ruger Item Number 6771 Springfield XDM OSP 10mm Full Size I want a glock 40 10mm handgun to hunt but cant find in CA. 992 quot has an average speed of 1199 fps from a 6 quot barrel and has an average 546 foot pounds per square inch of energy while the 40 Smith amp Wesson has a height of 0. If you want one to play around with modify and tune to your liking get the Glock 20 Gen4. Jump to Latest Follow they will be able to give you the real poop on 10 vs 40. Thus you can order the CCU in 10mm whether you have an XD 45ACP XDM 45ACP see models that do and don t work or the XDM 10mm. 81 0 Model 5198 Open Top Concealment Clip Holster With Detent For Gl Apr 06 2012 I put a set of warren sights on my G20 from Dawson they don 39 t even list them as large or small frame just Glock sights and they work great. They cut up my thumb when I was loading them. On the 10mm side of the fence they like to point out that it has more energy at 100 yards vs the . Even if there were no other concerns the shorter case would be nbsp 11 . The Glock is pretty well a proven item and as you say has loads of aftermarket parts too. 40. 10 mm . 29 Oct 2018 Re XDM 10mm. Hopefully Glock will release a Gen 5 10mm but as of yet they have stated they OEM Glock 20 40 Magazines for hunting or are just large caliber curious the G20 is A Good Thing. 5 quot 10mm is the end result of a simply breathtaking zero failure 10 000 round torture test. Does the 10 mm offer anything in real world performance over 9 and 40 ballistics I get that its still a pistol . 45 auto 1911 models I picked up my first 10mm it was a Glock 20. 5 inch barrel model that comes with two magazines and a combat rear sight. 45 GAP Comp Barrel Combo. 5 I got my 10mm more for possible animal problems. Even with an Apex trigger and everything polished up his stock trigger is much nicer. One thing I notice about the Glock is that the grip is pretty enormous. 02 inch barrel. All of these are calibers I 39 d like to own in a full sized handgun and considering how much I like my XDM I think it would make sense to pick up these barrels and have a kick ass multi caliber system. Even with hot 10mm loads the recoil in the Glock is less than that of my . Dan Wesson had a number of 10mm 1911s but I believe they have been I would reccommend a Glock 20. 40 S amp W casing looks identical to the 10mm except for length . It is interesting to note though that the FBI still uses H amp K MP10 in their special response teams. Oct 10 2018 Teased for the past two years the new 10mm installment to the XD series features a full sized pistol with either a 4. One commenter at the site wrote 9mm for the hood 10mm for the woods. And prices today are not anywhere as expensive as described in the article thank God The 10mm is a newcomer in the hunting world but has become a big player in the market for bear hunters or anyone needing extra power. MODULAR OPTICS SYSTEM 10MM 5. The diameter of the 10mm cartridge is the same as the diameter of the . 91 feet per second and a recoil energy of 11. 007 quot smaller on the . just trying to get feedback from users. The 10mm s main advantage is how much ammo you can fit in a small package. 40 S amp W s case diameter you can pack quite a few rounds in a double stack magazine. quot Handloader quot Journal had a nice write up in the last year or so on quot Glock bulge quot in 40 S amp W. I ended up sellng the Glock 20 because I liked my 40 so much more. release without twisting or adjusting his or her shooting grip on the pistol. its not worth to me trading the power for 1 or 2 rounds. SW 4 years ago So can I put a G21 or G41 slide on the G40 same Gen I m considering . Illustration courtesy of Davidsons inc. Springfield XDM 10mm 4. most have 12 . . This full size pistol is the latest variation in the Lone Wolf Distributors 10mm 45ACP Slides. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G20 Gen4 and Glock G40 Gen4 MOS 10mm vs. However that doesn 39 t mean the cartridge isn 39 t suited to the task. From service length barrels the 40 about equals the old 38 40 or 44 40 from a SAA while the 10 mm with standard pistol barrels and full powered loads about equals the 38 40 44 40 from a 1873 carbine. I. 78 quot 10 1 Fixed Sights Polymer Grip Black Superior versatility in the high performance caliber 10mm through reduced dimensions compared with the standard size Glock 20 the subcompact Glock 29 is also suitable for concealed carry. 25 vs Glock 40. Jul 11 2012 Ive found a great buy on Hornady bullets and am going to start loading for my Glock 20. quot Best quot is up to opinion. 45 Auto for years and Springfield XDM 10mm Pistols Mag 1076 could be found but for the most part 10mm shooters were either 1911 or Glock fans. the XDM is my main hunting pistol so I only shoot 200 gr. Despite the prodigious horsepower of the 10mm Auto the grip circumference of this new XD M measures out to a single millimeter larger than the 9mm GLOCK. 2. Springfield Armory XDM94510BHCE. 11 Nov 2018 40S amp W as compared to Glocks and EAA polymer framed I would not hasten down the path with a 10mm XDm. And today that dream becomes a reality. 40 caliber case and 9mm Luger and . And l shot his gun better than mine. or a . 45ACP rounds except for the Speer Gold Dot round leaves the muzzle under 1 000fps. 380 and it 39 s a straight wall case. 40 S amp W in many or most other 10mm pistols sans conversion barrel can be problematic or unsafe nbsp Springfield Armory XD M 10mm Semi Auto Pistol with Target Rear Sight 10mm offer a solid non slip hold on the slide when loading or clearing the weapon. The 10mm auto cartridge with a height of 0. 25 10mm At this point I have tried and owned the G 20 gen 4 and the Rock Island Commander size 1911 in 10mm. Glock followed up on the success of the Colt Delta Elite by releasing the Glock 20 handgun a few years later. com Dec 13 2018 After hemming and hawing over which Glock to buy I picked up a G40 and was also sent a Springfield TRP 10mm 6 and a Springfield XDM 10mm 5. We re also showing what the similarities and differences are between them. I have no use for a Glock 10mm or any Glock model for that matter period. I sold that one as I have big hands and the slide would cut my hand. 25 vs. 9mm vs 10mm for The Law of Self Defense and a Glock and Sig Sauer Certified Armorer. Item Number AW 20L10TH. Tame the recoil and muzzle flip of your 10MM Glock with a CARVER Custom 4 Port Decelerator Aluminum Comp. For the hunting community this 10 mm Auto is a reliable companion providing a safe and accurate finishing shot even when hunting big game. I can 39 t reload it to any higher ballistics than this factory ammo provides. If it were me I 39 d take the 29 and a can of bear spray. It has an MSRP of 652. Length 8. 21 Sep 2019 XDM conversion 10mm to 40 S amp W and 357 Sig At least they do with the Glock 20 when shooting 40 S amp W. Jan 11 2019 What really will stick under the skin of the 10mm crowd is that not only is the 10mm quite far from a . 02 inch barrel and the advantages of mounting a reflex sight. 5 and the Glock G22 are full sized service pistols. The XDM 10mm fits all the requirements and then some. New Pistols In 2009 Springfield nbsp 6 Mar 2019 If there is one thing 10mm fans around the country have been asking for it 39 s a What follows is my Springfield Armory XDM 10mm Review. 5 inch model features a low profile combat rear sight paired with a fiber optic front sight while the 5. 45 1911s. 38 Special out of your . It was rather ho hum for me. 25 inches the XDM doesn t feel a whole lot wider. Obsoleted in police work by the . 40 Tue Nov 12 2019 4 12 pm I bought the 4. 5 quot 10mm. May 13 2018 The Springfield XDm 40 4. This means the Glock 20 will have 20 more muzzle flip and still more painful felt recoil 51 more than a Glock 21 when the lightest 10mm load is used. 357 SIG conversion barrel for the XDM 40 that works great. 40 S amp W a quarter century or so ago the 10mm Auto round has achieved new popularity as an outdoorsman s pistol. 380. We do not sell or ship to anyone outside of the USA. 10mm ammo is very expensive although i 39 d consider it if I were into reloading. The G40 is a lightweight option for the big game hunter or adventurer who would rather not tote a heavy gun into the wild. This ammo is not watered down to the 40. You should hold shoot if possible both and then decide. Not just because I bought the Springfield XDm 40 4. 357Sig Storm Lake barrel nbsp 16 Jul 2020 The XDM 10mm is out today in both 4. 45 ACP so it requires a large framed Glock. Glock vs. 5 10mm Handgun The XD M 4. Mar 19 2020 Honestly if you want to get a 10mm and get those most out of it without mods then get the XD M 5. Hows the 10mm recoil vs a 357 sig Close to the same Im really looking at the springfield XDM 5. Sep 23 2015 Can you buy a 10 magazine for the Glock 40 10mm. The grips on the Glock 40 handgun offer interchangeability while its smooth edges contribute to a comfortable grip. Things were going great with both On the glock 20 I bought a 40SW barrel and a 9 25 barrel but with the XDM if I really really run out of ammo in some survival fantasy world I know I can shoot 40SW out of a 10mm chamber I did one full magazine or 40 SW through my g20 barrel and the XDM is a stronger chamber . 40 was designed to be ballistically identical to FBI 10mm. Glock has a nice offering and the XDM is now available in 10mm and carries 15 plus 1. I wrote on some other posts about this but I think the difference in shooting a 10 mm versus other standard pistol calibers is more of a significant difference then the difference in platform. 5LB THREE 15RD MAGS FXD SIGHTS. 4. 5 inch barrel the other with a 5. Glock. as far as i know no one makes a dedicated 10mm auto supressor but i 39 ve been informed by rsilvers that the AAC . 25 quot . I would only get one shot off with the 500 vs 2 3 with a 10mm. 357 Cal Model 31 32 Sports amp Outdoors Hot . You won 39 t find a Glock in my house. Of course we can t write about the best handguns of any kind without mentioning Glock. 00. On the glock 20 I bought a 40SW barrel and a 9 25 barrel but with the XDM if I really really run out of ammo in some survival fantasy world I know I can shoot 40SW out of a 10mm chamber I did one full magazine or 40 SW through my g20 barrel and the XDM is a stronger chamber . com King Holster Shoulder Holster fits Glock 10mm Model 20 40 . May 31 2019 This was short lived though as the Glock 22 and 23 were adopted only seven years later in the . 41 Mag. 45 ACP 21 000 . If you want it for concealed carry get the Glock 29. However with a lighter load it eliminated the need for such a heavy gun. I have several other 10mm handguns that I love but am also thinking about picking up a model 40 because the trigger feels a little better than the 20 and I like the idea of a 6 quot barrel beater woods 10mm. 40 S amp W SF. Glock is one of two manufacturers making double stack 10mm pistols. fun and accurate. Oct 10 2018 After a teaser on various social media sites a week ago Springfield Armory announced today the 10th day of the 10th month their new 10mm pistols 4. The suppressor is compatible with all 9mm 40 caliber and 10mm pistols and is now available in . Every Other Polymer Pistol There is absolutely nothing wrong with Glocks or S amp W M amp P 39 s. Thanks. Springfield XDM or Glock 10mm 13886951 06 09 19 Joined Nov 2008. 10mm Ammo Quick Answer Box The 10mm platform has seen a rise in popularity due to an increase in handgun models available on the market. The Speer Gold Dot felt really weak in the Kriss Vector and failed to cycle it 3 times out of 40 Shots. Marine Jeff Cooper and introduced in 1983 with the Bren Ten pistol. Optional Flux Heavy Flashmag. Your name or email address. That 39 s a Rumor is XD 10mm will be released soon last time in the Spring I chatted with my SA rep. My favorite handgun is a g17 Glock . The 10mm in the XD M is snappy but not painful. 40 S amp W cartridge. 40 ok so I need so help I 39 m looking at getting a new firearm to carry I 39 ve been really looking at the . I think you 39 ll agree with me when I say the 10mm Auto isn 39 t very popular for self defense. Glock SAVE this or the individual links to use every time you shop Glock 40 10mm for Alaskan Bears Part 1 with Chukes Outdoor Adventures SIG P320 TACOPS vs Springfield XDM Elite 4. 380 Auto 9mm . Springfield XDM 10MM 4. 25 and six inches. 0. Springfield Armory XDM 10mm This full size pistol is the latest variation in the XD series now chambered in the popular 10mm round for more power in the highly accurate and reliable XD M platform. But if I lived in big bear country was out handgun hunting and absolutely had to find food or face death or I was just open carrying a 10mm cannon in a Jurassic Park style dinosaur island Zombie Apocalypse or African plain this is the Glock model I would want as a sidearm. The GLOCK 29 Gen4 offers the concealment of a compact pistol while delivering the raw long range power of the 39 magnum force 39 10mm. Obviously both outclass the 9mm I currently carry but what I like from the 9mm are very fast and controllable followup shots. 40 load should get your close or their 31 in 357sig. 45 ACP tests to the 10mm results below just keep in mind that the 10mm has an unfair advantage. What is a quot deer gun quot Glad you know your limitations. 00 MPN PG4030103MOSD UPC 764503914089 The GLOCK 20 Gen4 delivers formidable force downrange with high accuracy over long distance. The Glock 40 GEN4 MOS is an exceptionally versatile autoloading pistol. 40S amp W GLOCK 1997 GLOCK 10mm Auto . Compared to the . 357 sig 9 26 and 9mm conversion that will work with the Glock 40 MOS. Colt is offering the Delta Elite again and that would probably be on the list. I think 10MM AUto with the long straight Jan 18 2010 Re Glock vs Springfield XD vs S amp W M amp P When I bought my first handgun I shot a number of different ones to try them out. My first service weapon was a colt delta elite. 41 Mag in performance it s actually much much MUCH closer to . 2mm long. 45. The Glock 40 Gen 4 MOS 10mm is a powerful yet easily carried pistol perfect for the outdoors person hunter and sport shooter. Glock debate. The xdm is a better firearm all around Oct 10 2018 Springfield Armory has been receiving longing requests for an XDM 10mm for quite some time and now shooters can rejoice because it is here On the extremely fitting day of October 10th 10 10 2018 Springfield Armory has announced the XDM 10mm in 2 different models 4. 5 10MM and Kriss Vector Carbine 10MM. The XDM 10mm uses the same frame feed ramp size is different as the XDM 45ACP. 40 S amp W is most often associated with the 10mm. 99 The Glock 40 Gen4 is chambered in 10mm and has a full 6 inch barrel for an improved velocity. 380acp vs 9mm. 89 foot pounds of force. 40 S amp W or . XTP or HAP The powders I have for the 10mm are SR4756 AA 5 Titegroup Power Pistol WST and W231. 5 barrel Sep 10 2020 The FBI lite load drastically reduced recoil and helped with performance. Here we are comparing three of the top manufacturers of the polymer frame handguns. 25 competition. Save Share Reply Jul 16 2020 What we wanted and deserved is a high capacity striker fired gun sized for the human hand. I much prefer it to the larger Glock . If you want more protection from ammo availability issues the conversion barrels are great to have. 45 Glocks. Nov 18 2016 10mm Auto vs. 40 that would mean that the slide would have to be modified as well to accept the longer barrel hood. but like said above doing so can stress the extractor. IMPORTANT Only compatible with Gen 4. More commonly referred to as just 10mm or 10x25mm the 10mm Auto was first chosen for use by the FBI in 1989 after the aftermath of the 1986 Miami shootout. 10mm Ammo. Aug 31 2012 Post by XDM. The 10mm Auto devotees point out that the 10mm has more energy remaining at 100 yards than the . You have 200gr in 40 vs 220gr in 10mm. The FBI quickly went on to Jul 02 2012 My brother in law has the new p220 10mm legion and I have the Glock 40. New Glock Factory G20SF also for Sale. Feb 23 2019 Grip is a good size. I have shot the XD and it shoots well enough not as good as my Glock but mine has had some modifications done to it etc. The Glock 40 Gen 4 MOS 10mm is chambered in 10mm and combines a full 6 inch barrel for an improved velocity with a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. 6mm. I haven 39 t used any other weight 10mm ammo or changed recoil spring weights. Out of stock. 5 but of the results found. That 39 s not the same as the 10mm and 404S amp W which are the same dimensions except for length. 40 S amp W vs. 25 and have nbsp Anyone have experience with the Glock 20 and the XDM 10mm I have a Kahr CT40 and have heard people say it and other models have nbsp So if you 39 re trying to decide between the 10mm Auto and the . Not only does this Gen4 Glock have a hunting length barrel it comes with fully adjustable Patridge type open sights. Glock 40 GEN 4 MOS 10mm with three 15 round mags. Glock PG4030103MOS G40 Gen 4 MOS 10mm Auto 6. 40 s amp w. Glock had enough success with its first 10mm Auto model to add a subcompact version the G29 in 1996 and to upgrade both the G20 and G29 to Short Frame SF versions in 2009. Oct 23 2019 We 39 re going to discuss 10mm vs 9mm because the caliber wars just won 39 t die down. Feb 18 2016 These include . 380 9mm . You can 39 t go from 9mm to 40. I just wish Glock would produce a mid size 10mm that would be perfect. 992 inch in length the . market Glock rushed to release the Glock 20 in 1991 shortly after the FBI s official adoption of the 10mm caliber. Mar 06 2019 The 10mm XDM comes in two different models the one I was sent is the 4. 45 ACP They are called 10mm 21 40 s amp w 23 45acp Glock S F 20. 6 inch barrel so this isn 39 t nbsp 4 Mar 2019 Finally there is an XDM chambered for the 10mm Auto cartridge. If you want to shoot at distance the G40 is the way to go. 40S amp W . 45 Auto . 99 In Stock Brand Dec 23 2016 Colt Delta Elite vs Glock 40 I took my stock 2016 Delta Elite to the range today and rented a Glock 40. AlphaWolf stainless steel slide compatible with Glock 21L 45ACP Gen3 OEM Profile May 03 2020 both my XDM amp Witness 10mm pistols shoot . GLOCK Gen5 pistols are the latest examples of GLOCK 39 S constant pursuit of perfection. 99 2 36 and Above 7 Find by Brand Griffin Armament 1 Kaw Valley Precision 11 SilencerCo 1 Jan 8 2015 Explore jmbbnb 39 s board quot Glock 10mm quot on Pinterest. Watch Part 2 on Chuke 39 s Outdoor Adventures Here https youtu. 5 inch barrel model but also a 5. The new P220 is better in every way than either the Glock or the Delta Elite. May 28 2014 Sound good I have a G27 G30S G19 and a XDm . You are here Home gt AR Parts gt Pistol Caliber AR Parts gt 40S amp W 45ACP 10MM Muzzle Devices Find by Pricing Below 19 1 19 to 28. Aug 03 2014 I bought my first Glock today and it 39 s a Gen4 model 29. The best thing that you can do is put in a Barstow barrel and it will shoot lights out with anything. I 39 ve tried a Glock in 10mm before and the grip on that seemed a lot larger than the XDM. By Paul Evancoe. Material The XDM speed loader is made of a tough used polymer as opp to a more flimsy plastic and the shape is fairly ergonomic as well. You might try Barsto Barrels and see if they 39 re making a barrel for it yet but it 39 s pretty early in the production cycle. I sent this in to Springfield 39 s custom shop twice to get the best trigger possible. Mar 11 2019 A new reason for 10mm fans to celebrate. 3 quot Ported Comps amp Barrels Glock XDM S amp W M amp P. See the video for complete details. Now anyone who knows 10mm will tell you there s 10mm ammo and there s TEN MILLIMETER Aug 28 2019 The brand s XD M pistols will now be available in two 10mm versions one with a 4. Now to be fair when we did our . With the exception of brands like Underwood Buffalo Bore DoubleTap and a couple of the big names much of the 10mm ammo on the market is loaded dang close to a given brand The G40 Gen 4 is a practical tactical 10mm caliber pistol designed with the superior engineering of GLOCK to maximize sight radius while improving weight distribution and balance. Our Glock 20 10mm test gun has a 4. 40 S amp W as the moon clip serves as the rim on straight walled pistol case. Mar 20 2019 10mm Springfield XDM 5. I have Glock in . After all they share the same bullet size and the . 45 has a well proven track record and is typically easier to locate and obtain then 10mm or . Oh and my 10mm turned out to be a Springfield XDm 4. 40 barrel and magazines occasional jams with the . Glock 10mm. Nov 30 2018 10mm Upstart. That 39 s why it blows smoke in a 9mm chamber and can 39 t hit anything. So I really see no reason as to why they made so it holds only 15 rounds instead of 16 like the XDM 40. 40 cal in both the XDM and the G23. Nov 12 2015 Glock also began offering a 6 inch hunting barrel for the Glock 20 pistol as sportsmen were beginning to gravitate to the hard hitting 10mm Auto round. Mar 28 2019 I agree the Glock has already been proven in the field. XD M 4. Wesley lowe XDM 9 40 5. 02 quot 15 1 Black nDLC Steel Black Interchangeable Backstrap Grip 714. It will cost you less than 200 to convert. 45 is the best shooting . Feb 15 2019 the glock in 10mm and 45 g20 amp 21 is a wee bit wider than their 9 40 357sig models a little too wide big for me even with the SF frame. So if you want to compare the results from our . 25. A revolver in 10mm Auto that utilizes moon clips will allow safely running the . Short Description Length 6. 38 Super. The two are a natural fit in the new XDM 10. I switched from a Glock 9mm to M amp P 9mm due to ergonomics. 5. 45 ACP round. This brought the FBI back to the 9mm . The use of GLOCK hi tech polymer considerably reduces felt recoil even in this heavy caliber. 45 ACP does at the muzzle. Jul 21 2018 I run . Lead Time 8 10 Week before shipping. FEATURES Auto deploy Jul 10 2019 While I won t be swapping out my 1911 in . 8 XDM 10mm 4. Mar 08 2019 most 9mm and 40 are 1 2 rounds different. 25 barrel the length is well balanced when combined with the full size grip frame for maximum controllability and comfort while shooting. And yea I agree with TXAg The GLOCK G40 Gen4 MOS Semi Auto Pistol is designed as a serious hunting tactical or competition handgun. The proven . 25 inch slide configurations. 25 version has a fully adjustable target rear sight with fiber optic front. The 9x23 Winchester is a long round like the 10mm . 25 inch Melonite finished match grade hammer forged barrel with fully Both the G24 and G17L were either dropped from the Glock catalog or relegated to limited production with the arrival of the quot Practical Tactical quot G34 9 mm and G35 . Mark in GA Nov 03 2018 The first Glock 10mm hit the scene in 1991 the standard bearer G20 the company s effort to capitalize on U. I did have a and believe it was called a 27 compact model in . THE CONCEALMENT FACTOR. GEN 3. I like the 255gr Super load and the 220gr 10mm load. The long slide G40 MOS Modular Optical System is Glock 39 s biggest and most powerful offering a 10mm field pistol with a six inch barrel. Could be me but I think the 357 sig has more azz behind it than a 40 cal. 5 quot Barrel Fiber Optic Front Combat Rear Sights 2x15rd Mags. Watch Part 2 on Chuke 39 s Outdoor Adventures Here nbsp 31 Oct 2018 Chuke and Chuck are at it again. Chumleyhunts OP. I don 39 t like getting my p220s all sand and crap filled . Sep 11 2020 The 10mm rounds also tend to stay above the 1 000fps mark until the 75 to 10 yard mark while all of the . But the . save hide report. Oct 11 2019 Seeking to maintain their foothold in the U. You will know this if you reload. My 40 has been very reliable with Sig 180gr FMJ and Underwood 180gr ammo. Enjoy shooting the 500 acouplle times and the novelty wears off. Posts 987. Apr 04 2018 Glock 20 Glock 29 and Glock 40. However the Glock for the money is just awesome. There are a number of arguments about which particular round is better the 10mm Auto or the . The two long slide Glock handguns featured in this review are the Glock 41 in . 63 inches. comment. GI 101496402. Which of the two bullets listed works best in the Glock 20 for accuracy and consistency 180 Gr. Jun 24 2020 However Colt started building a 1911 modified to shoot the new 10mm cartridge called the Delta Elite. 5 quot 10mm XDM which is what I have. The m20 feels like crud has a hugely oversized grip and slide brittle sights rotten barrels spongy trigger and an absolutely horrific reset. I have personally owned and tested an M amp P in . 31 Oct 2018 Comparing the 10mm Springfield XDM 5. 40 S amp W G22 and . 25 FULL SIZE FDE Glock 40 MOS 10mm Auto 15 Round Gen4 . for the Witness I bought a . and lights since they can enable the shooter to fire in any environment whether it 39 s day or night. 40 S amp W A History of Convolution. I have always like the xdm for the looks and the feel and I just started looking at the G23 and haven 39 t spent much time with one in my hand. 40 S amp W counterparts the 155 and 180 grain XTPs both have 20 more velocity in 10mm. 5 Tactical. If the 10mm versions perform like the . It shoots great with either barrel. lt gt lt Fish Glock 10mm Deer Hunting Videos Oct 12 2018 The XDM 10mm has the same grip length as the . Firearms must be shipped via Fedex Overnight to your selected FFL. The Federal HST was flawless at 100 reliability. 45 ACP and the Glock 40 Modular Optic System MOS chambered in 10mm. Glock 20 40 vs xdm 10mm. Gen5 pistols feature over 20 design modifications from their Gen4 predecessors including the GLOCK Marksman Barrel nDLC finish ambidextrous slide stop lever the removal of finger grooves The XD M 10mm has been meticulously engineered to ensure the pistol is as robust and reliable a defensive force as possible. Athe increase over the stock barrel is about 100 FPS it seems the tight chamber and extra bbl length exceeds the average 50 FPS inch rule. Glock Compensators. If you re looking for cover and you re in an outdoor combat situation this is the 10mm Apr 11 2019 recently purchased a 10mm ruger src 1911 pistol its more accurate then my Glock 40 and way more accurate than my colt delta elite the rear sight of the colt flew off the top of the barrel when I fired it the glocks trigger right outta the box is terrible the ruger is different with a ramped bull barrel and a captured slide spring and full Jul 20 2018 The Hornady XTP loads are good examples. Thread size currently available for LoneWolf barrels in 9 16 X 24 tbi. 357caliber. 40 S amp W ammo fine. 40 Cal Glock Comps Glock Threaded Barrels Glock Standard Drop In Barrels Glock Slides The new Glock model 20 comes with a recoil spring that allows the breech face to open too soon and my new Glock model 20 will get extreme spreads of about 100fps with the factory spring installed. If it is the same I guess I will be looking else where for my very fist 10MM acquisition. This item is quite nice product. nomenclature 10 mm Auto official SAAMI nomenclature 10mm Automatic is a powerful semi automatic pistol cartridge first developed by U. We also see the 10mm rounds bleed velocity at a higher rate than the . Mar 20 2018 I 39 m considering a carry pistol in either 40 S amp W or 10mm. Nov 13 2016 Glock G23 Gen 4 or Springfield XDM . 00. The G40 Gen 4 is a powerful yet easily carried pistol perfect for the outdoor person I like both the M amp P and Glock. Jul 21 2018 It s a Glock clean it when you feel like it and shoot away. It makes a strong argument for the 9mm vs 10mm. 454 Casull or I could choose a gun purely for self defense like a Glock 19 or one of my grip as I must on other guns like the competing Glock 40. After I give it some range time and if it does what i 39 ve been told I will put my Bersa . With three certified long slide 10mm pistols on hand and a case of 10mm under my arm I hit the range. Jul 14 2015 The G29 has the fit finish and features identical to any other Gen 3 Glock you may have handled but the slide and barrel is even wider and beefier than Glock s . g19. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR 15 AK 47 Handguns and more Buy Sell and Trade your Firearms and Gear. It can serve nicely for hunting Class 2 game protection in the field against two and four legged predators and home defense. 338 Winchester Magnum Nosler 250gr Partition Trophy Grade Ammunition Review Hornady American Gunner 9mm 124gr p XTP Smith and Wesson M amp P 2. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 10 MM Handguns at XDM 10MM 5. In that comparison the 10mm has about 50ft pounds of muzzle energy over the Super but I d expect about even penetration from both. My Glock and Springfield XDM both have them and shoot amazing groups with just about anything you feed through them. May 17 2020 As a 10mm GLOCK is tuned from the factory to reliably run FBI spec 10mm it will run . The triggers on the Xdm is miles better than anything on a Glock. 2018 1990 GLOCK . I ll invest in enough range and defensive ammunition to keep it fed and may even add it to the personal protection rotation schedule at some point. Accuracy was decent. The 5. Don 39 t let them influence or hinder others. The XDM also had a bit more weight to it than I expected. Lone Wolf also makes 10mm to . 25 in 10mm. They fit the box perfectly with no mods to the base pads. You can carry 10mm ammo that 39 s basically like a P . In all respects the 10mm XDm is the same as the XDm pistols made in other lesser calibers. XDM 39 s match grade barrel for accuracy. They have the same XDm Melonite finish match barrels interchangeable back straps ambidextrous mag release and the sight dovetails on the 4. 40 caliber or 10 millimeters nbsp 30 Nov 2018 You can now get a factory pistol in 10mm ranging from a small Glock 29 all the way to a The G40 sports a longer slide and a 6. by Philip Massaro Wednesday August 7 2019. 40 S amp W pistols to handle the power of the 10mm Auto round. The tests they show of it with high round counts are NOT using the real warm 10mm loadings. simply put find a can that uses a strong steel use light pressure ammo and you shouldnt have any major issues except the Comps amp Barrels Glock XDM S amp W M amp P. BTW Storm Lake makes an excellent drop in . The glock 10mm is not able to fire lead rounds without a barrel swap and there have been several reports of glocks exploding when fired. Compare that to a G20 with 5 KKM bbl running a 180gr 1375 fps vs. 45 ACP G21 released that in 39 90 and 39 91 it was among Glock s first forays away from the comforts of the 9mm which all its guns have XDM Pro s better grip better fully supported chamber barrel Shoots faster than the 40 10mm has a Match fitted barrel you cant just buy a XDM barrel. 45 ACP here are a Glock 39 s G20 and the long slide G40 released in 2015 are both pretty popular nbsp 10 Jul 2019 I also wanted to give the . 13 Dec 2019 I love my XDm 4. 5 model are the same dimensions as those on certain Sig models making it easy to locate aftermarket sights. There aren 39 t many makers of 10mm 1911s these days. Everything in detail was found to be true. Mar 05 2019 Too soon to say I 39 m afraid on how the XD 10mm holds up. Sep 03 2019 After all the XD M has been available in 9mm Luger . 40 S amp W through the 10mm was possible if not more pleasurable due to the better slide to powder charge mass ratio. During the development process a new era in law enforcement occurred by way of not just switching from revolvers to semi autos. Buy your G29 Gen4 nbsp 4 Dec 2019 Even if you do own both a 10mm Auto and a . The longer barrel and slide help to reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil while the longer sight radius provides more accuracy for competition or duty use. fancy bullets. May 19 2020 Glock 40 10mm with ghost trigger connector 3. 45 ACP . Springfield XDM OSP 10mm Full Size Optics Ready Flat Dark Earth Pistol with Threaded Barrel 619. I was looking at Glock 20 40 and Springfield XDM Jul 10 2019 The 10mm shares case diameter with the . The G40 shoots the powerful 10mm cartridge capable of downing deer hogs and bear. Tracy 16000 2018 SA XDM 10MM 5. Just knee cap him and run. And you can make 30rd mags for it if you are so inclined. The long slide 10 mm has impressive ballistics. Without talking about the numbers both calibers are very impressive for power. 25 inch barrel model with ported slide that can be had as well. AZ Trigger Glock Jun 08 2019 What are your thoughts on the 10mm for grizzly defense It seems a lot of people are leaning this direction as hard hitting bear loads are now available and the idea of 15 16 rounds seems appealing. Haters gonna hate but l can 39 t wait to get this thing out and shoot it. Feb 12 2019 The 10mm XDm is built on the . Mar 04 2019 The 10mm XDM s mega capacity magazines hold 15 rounds and the grip circumference of the XDM pistols is a very comfortable 5. 357 Magnum revolver or . 40 Smith amp Wesson so in theory pistol capacity can be the same in a double stack design. The 10mm works best with a 5 quot and longer barrels. S. I saw a potentially fatal accident with an EAA Witness 10mm just a few months back and I have to tell you I am a little nervous about them. With 180 amp 200 grain bullets the 10 offers some advantage IMHO. Dec 31 2016 Hundreds of encounters with Polar Bears have been concluded with this handgun chambered for 10MM Auto and all these encounters have been reported in Patrol Dispatches over a period of several years. This is a flat rate 40 charge. 7 Aug 2019 40 with 30 rd. The long slide reduces muzzle flip considerably to keep the user on target during rapid fire and also increases sight radius. 45 GAP and 10mm Auto each intended for a variety of purposes such as open concealed carry competition self defense and Apr 02 2020 Alaskan Ballistics Shooting the Buffalo Bore 190gr Dangerous Game Mono Metal bullet out of Glock 20 Glock 29 and Glock 40 Oct 10 2018 Featured in the December issue of Guns amp Ammo Springfield Armory has launched its full size XD M in 10mm. 40 S amp W a chance in the same XDm model to keep the Until recently my experience in firearms chambered for 10mm has been There are other pistols of course with the Glocks being in the I have to say that the Springfield Armory XDm 10 in 5. This full size pistol is the latest variation in the To test reliability I fired 20 rounds of each brand through a Springfield XDM 4. The 10mm is a bit longer so grip size circumference has to be See full list on personaldefenseworld. 5 barrel the length is well balanced when combined with the full size grip frame for maximum controlability and comfort Jul 09 2016 The Glock 40 MOS has over 700 rounds through it with the conversion barrel. 40 S amp W as well as 10MM AUto pressures which are in the 35 000 or more pressure ranges. I 39 m trying to determine if this is want or a need I currently own 17 26 34 and 22 and use them for CCW HD and gun games. The XDM 10 is identical in grip size to the XDM 45 which is a vastly underrated weapon. 5 inch or 5. physics dont lie the 9mm will never be as good as the 40. 99 In Stock Brand Bar Sto offers 9x25 Dillon 40 S amp W and 357 Sig barrels for the 4. Glocks are great in 9mm and 40S amp W chambers just not in 10mm. C. Opinions regarding Springfield vs. The 10mm is a rimless pistol which is an all around great option to the 9mm. Not quite as heavy as my EAA witness steel frame 10mm was but closer than I expected. 5 or 5. Glock 40 Gen4 Modular Optic System Pistol PG4030103MOSGF 10mm 6 quot FDE Polymer Grips Black Finish 15 Rds 840 . 10 MM Glock Comps 10 MM Comp amp Barrel Combos. The model 40 has a 6 inch barrel that squeezes out some extra velocity and energy from the 10mm cartridge. with the glock you can just switch barrels and go from a glock 21 to a 20. It is advisable when running . SUBSCRIBE. Lookin at roughly 1000FPS in 40 vs 1100FPS in 10mm from BB Site You lose 20grains and 100fps . . 45 Auto for years and many shooters figure that spectrum adequately covers almost every shooting need. Maybe the grip doesn 39 t fit my hand because the 10MM is a longer cartridge than the other semi Autos and the grip just has to be bigger. 20 Jul 2018 Compared to their . GLOCK 40 quot HUNTER quot M. The Glock 40 Gen4 MOS. 40 in the 10mm mags for when I want to shoot Short amp Wimpy. 5 barrel. Including Buffalo Bore and Underwood. Once exclusive Glock territory which helped bolster the 10mm s popularity by offering it in its affordable polymer framed G20 G29 and G40 the striker fired 10mm market is opening up. Amazon. 40 with lots of work done by Burwell Gunsmithing and I found it to be a great pistol that has its own strong and weak points. I think they suggested a sizing die and I filed it away for Springfield 10mm Vs Glock 40 Nov 20 2018 Glock semi automatic pistols come in a 10mm calibre model that firearms enthusiasts like those at the website AZ Trigger believe to be powerful enough for defense against sizeable predators. First developed by Jeff Cooper in 1983 the 10mm Auto is a semi automatic pistol cartridge. 02 quot Barrel Modular Optics System 15 1 Rounds. Apr 10 2016 I am wondering if the Glock 40 has the same frame and size of grip as the Glock 20. 5lb Less than 100 rounds fired with case and 3 mags and MOS is unopened Leather holster for Glock 40 2 new Glock 40 Mags sold XDm 40 with custom shop trigger and extra 39 s approximately 800 rounds never carried in holster. 4 Sep 2019 We hands on review the Glock 20 for reliability accuracy across a bunch of ammo ergonomics shootability and more. The XDm has more of a 1911 grip angle which I like over the Glock. 45 shooters don 39 t have as many 10mm pistols to choose from but there are still some really good options out there. Jul 17 2019 The Springfield XDM or XD M line has been around for some time the Springfield XDM 10mm pistols are just the latest additions. And l like the way it fits my hand vs. Bear 1 year ago. In addition the grip frame may not accept a longer 10mm magazine. Out of all the guns I tried I liked the M amp P the best and bought one in 9mm. springfield armory xdm 10mm magazine speed loader Design The Springfield Armory XDM speed loader is specifically designed for 10mm carry handgun magazine. Just purchase 10mm mags if your pistol is 45ACP. 357 5 shot revolver Glock 20 10mm and Glock 40 10mm size comparison. It would also need an enlarged ejection port. P. 25 versions of their XD M handgun. 391 quot vs . 40 S amp W in 1998. GLOCK 40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration The G40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration is chambered in 10 mm Auto and combines a long slide and barrel for improved velocity with a high magazine capacity. The Modular Back Strap design and the reversible magazine catch let you instantly customize its grip to adapt to accommodate any hand size. My XDm Competition in . 5 or 5. Jul 08 2019 I 39 ve owned and shot a Glock 20. 45 ACP handgun how do Glock also had the G40 with the long slide released in 2015 which nbsp . If you intend to hunt with a partner you should be able to get by with a 25acp. Jan 06 2020 I had a number of . Jan 14 2016 Glock responded to the new 10mm marketplace with two main models the G20 and G29. Mar 03 2019 Could be me but I think the 357 sig has more azz behind it than a 40 cal. Semi Fit Match Target Clear Glock 29 10mm quantity Xdm 10mm conversion barrel. The 135 grain 10mm bullet when shot from a similar size similar weight Glock 20 will have a recoil velocity of 19. Along with the . Deciding between these 10mm handguns. The wear is significantly higher nbsp 20 Nov 2018 It was a fully functional Glock said Carr the sheriff elect of Teton County. 40 S amp W and . 280 4. I ve loaded them all up and I ve ran a 265gr 1550 from a Blackhawk . I really read alot before i bought it. But the real treat of the Springfield XDM 40 is its flawless functionality from its So far I 39 ve tested 9 different 9mm 39 s including XDM Beretta 92FS Glock 19 nbsp Comparing the 10mm Springfield XDM 5. Glock 29 The Glock 29 is a 10mm Auto equivalent of the subcompact Glock 26 introduced in 1997 along with the Glock 30 . I would put toe to toe with any Glock without trying to start a Springfield vs. in most 9mm and 40 cal the rounds are 17 vs 15 and 15 vs 14 so the more rounds is a moot point. You get a smaller. if you cant get it done with 12 you need more practice or a bigger gun. 40 S amp W counterparts the 155 and 180 grain XTPs both Our Glock 20 10mm test gun has a 4. 25 39 to the Glock Model 40. 357 Sig . 10mm s out of it. Western Pa . I m NOT recommending you shoot 40 SW in the wrong chamber Jun 05 2019 A Glock vs M amp P vs XD Comparison with World Class Shooter Jerry Miculek. I 39 ve a brother that touts his . One thing I had to do was polish off the sharp corners at the rear of the magazines. 5 and 5. Apr 14 2016 I have held the Glock 20 many many times wishing the grip fit my hand better and not buying it because of the grip it just simply doesn 39 t fit my had well enough. 80 0 ETS FITS GLOCK 29 10RD 10MM MAG 13. My nephew has any XDM9 And l have a G19. The 10mm is a longer cartridge than the. 45 ACP Glock Comps Gen 1 2 3 4 9MM Glock Comps. Oct 17 2019 I have the Glock 20 and have fired hand loads out of it that would knock over buildings and it just kept on going. Take your pick The Glock 40 is a more specialist tool. For the CCU there is no difference in the XD 45ACP and XDM 45ACP 10mm frames. Reply 108 on November 01 2018 03 48 10 AM . Chuke and Chuck are at it again. 40 S amp W as again . Springfield Armory XDM 10mm The 10 We Have Been Waiting For GunsAmerica Digest What I liked from the linked review 1. 45 ACP counters that it is bigger at 100 yards than the 10mm at the muzzle. Or you could have a 4 4 block with a trigger slapped on it. estimate that it is loaded to around 26 500 PSI vs standard . 25 quot to the Glock Model 40. Its just not cool anymore Mar 04 2019 Let me tell you when shooting a 10mm in such a light gun the proper grip size is important for recoil mitigation. 40 S amp W out of your 10mm revolver using moon clips to clean the chambers thoroughly before going back to the Dec 20 2015 I don 39 t think you would blow up a Glop 10mm with any commercial ammo I know of. If you re an auto frame person go with a Glock 10mm. Glock pistols come in many calibers . I am wondering if the Glock 40 has the same frame and size of grip as the Glock 20. I shot the Glock the XD XDm wasn 39 t out at the time a 1911 a M amp P etc. COMPATIBLE WITH Glock G20 G21 G40 G41. Glock factory night sights. 5 quot TB 15 Rds FDE Optics Ready XDMT94510FHCOSP . 99 Glock 40 MOS 10mm Auto 15 Round Gen4 829. 40 S amp W round launches the same bullet yet its case length is only 21. share. 100 Upvoted. My lowly G22 . Although the 10mm Auto is sometimes said to have been the love child of the FBI and commissioned after the infamous Miami Shootout of 1986 that s erroneous. a Glock 35 w Oct 15 2018 However this XDM 10 mm just might make me forgive and forget that ridiculous grip appendage and seriously consider it over the Glock 20. Though the G29 is actually about inch shorter than the G19 the reality of the G29 is a G19 9mm that has overindulged at the pasta bar one too many times. 13 Dec 2018 Sure Glock kept rolling on down the road with the G20 and G29 and you could find an old Delta Elite or have a custom 1911 built or maybe you 39 re still Yes you could buy both the G40 MOS and the XDM 10 5. 25 in 10mm Auto is a keeper. I m thinking conversion to 45 ACP. Like Buffalo Bore or Swamp Fox ammo are real close i would get the Glock without a doubt. I could see someone making specific sights for the large frame that would be wider and could overhang the slide on a small frame gun but the other way around is fine. 40 S amp W . Apr 27 2019 Got out today with the new XDm 4. We want to show you the review on these polymer frame striker fired handguns. BRAND NEW IN THE BOX If a 10mm is what you decide to use please consider for your well being something other than a Glock. 5 is favored over the Glock G22. Gone were the height weight restrictions and never admitted gender exclusions. I have the Gen 4. Glock M40 10mm is what I carried to Alaska with Underwood hard cast loads in a very comfortable Kenai chest holster . The XDm showed its accuracy potential but the Glock stayed right in there the whole time. 40 S amp W in 10 mm Glocks by the thousands of rounds and simply demands those who say it 39 s unsafe to shit or get off the pot and NAME the incident where there nbsp The XD M OSP 10mm takes this impressive design to the next level with the sits on top of the slide so it can easily be accessed either visually or by feel. Review Springfield XDM Review 10mm Auto 10mm Springfield XDM nbsp 10 Oct 2018 TFB shoots the brand new Springfield Armory XDm 10 10mm Auto. More. 40 S amp W for lower recoil and fast accurate shooting to defend against human beings or you can load it As much as I like Glock pistols the G29 has never made a lot of sense to me. The only drawback the 10mm faced was timing. When I go to a stiffer recoil spring the extreme spreads drop to about 50 fps in my new Glock model 20. A 22lr shoots a 40grain bullet. 9 out of 5 star rating 20 reviews Quick View. AlphaWolf Barrel For M 20L 40 10MM Threaded 9 16 quot x 24. 17 May 2020 Second this all pertains to a GLOCK. Can the xdm do the same hq357 Nov 17 2013 GLOCK G20SF 10mm. Again it REALLY comes down to whichever you shoot and like better. Customer Service 904 800 6333. Sharing the . 45s I wouldn 39 t hesitate to get the 10mm XDm. Jul 11 2018 In most cases the 4. 400 CorBon has the advantage of being able to switch back and forth tween it and . 45 acp frame according to the Springfield reps I talked to at the SHOT Show last month in Las Vegas. Pitting the brand new Springfield 10mm vs the tried and true Glock model 40. It is a true 10mm Dec 08 2015 Ruger SP101 . 5 in . They are much larger and heavier than the standard full size Glock handgun. 45 ACP for the 10mm Auto anytime soon the Springfield Armory XDm 5. 18 Nov 2016 Why are these two particular rounds comparable Let 39 s start with the basics 10mm is the metric equivalent for . I ve noticed a slow yet steady resurgence of interest in the 10mm . The . Compared to the classic single stack Model 1911 s grip circumference of 5. Springfield wont just sell you one Not as big as the 40 but not much bigger than the 20. The barrel and slide are shorter which might make it more compact and accessible when drawing from an ATV. 40 Cal Comp amp Barrel Combo 39 s 9MM Comp amp Barrel Combo 39 s. Hello I bought 5 of these to try in my 1911 40 single stack I built to shoot 40 minor in USPSA. the Glock. 25 10 mm. Interesting video XDm 5. We have all been watching the popularity of the 10mm surge in recent months and Springfield Armory is no stranger to the cartridge. 50 nbsp 23 Jun 2020 Glock Models 20 29 and 40. Glock Pro s They just work. Dec 17 2015 Author s Note While Glock specifically disclaims the practice shooting . Rated 5 out of 5. There 39 s a 4. Scarcely more than 40 S amp W. 45 Super in a Springfield XD Mod2 5 and just got an XDM 5. I bought a Glock 40 MOS. The gist of it is that 9mm is actually better for concealed carry and general shooting purposes but 10mm is more capable for multi faceted use. image of Glock Flat Dark Earth Gen 4 Full Size Pistol Cabela 39 s has a very special 40th Anniversary Special Buy edition of this centerfire pistol for nbsp 3 Sep 2019 After all the XD M has been available in 9mm Luger . If you want a 40 I think both Glock and M amp P will accept conversion barrels so you can shoot the cheaper 9mm. Dec 02 2010 Side by side comparison of the XDm . Sold my xdm 40 when I. 45 and the Glock 21. Shooting . 45 I 39 ve owned and I 39 ve owned a bunch. Springfield Armory s enhanced XD pistol the XDM has proven itself accurate reliable and ergonomic. Buffalo Bore Hardcast. 357 SIG . glock 40 10mm vs xdm 10mm