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    prepaid meter unlock code One can buy as much as they wish given that prepaid meter comes with preloaded 5 30 units that are recovered on subsequent purchase. From a shop with a physical location to an online store you can pay for anything with a card. If not please head to their office to get one. required assistance regarding your vending code receipt. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. Prepaid Meter Voucher Details. Sep 30 2020 However if that doesn t apply to your device or if you have a 3G or 1X device then you ll need an unlock code from U. The STS dispenser test token is a non meter specific code used to perform a series of tests on the meter. 3 Sep 04 2019 Your brand will require a specific code in order to check or retrieve your number. All you have to do is to enter the unlock code. 99. with a prepaid meter you can take your swipe card s with you. It happens occasionally that a meter is quot Blocked by Credit Control quot . PT. What to do after installation of prepaid meter 2. The procedure of silencing the prepaid meters varies from one brand and model to another. Aeg Beijing and Binatone just 1. Step 1 You need to register. Here is a list of all the serial of shortcodes for customers to get meter information and make relevant operations through the keypad. Citiq Prepaid has put together ways to detect signs of meter tampering. DTZ1513 MBS7K2A CIU . Prepaid Consumer Identification. Sim unlockcode aanvragen. NASDAQ ITRI which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water today announced a collaboration with EDMI Limited a global smart metering solutions leader to develop and launch a SMETS2 compliant gas meter for the United Kingdom. Recharge Process through Paytm. 09 Short code summary. Then run it on your computer. everything else should be down 3. Simply wait 15 minutes for the keypad to unlock and you can then continue to use as required I need number codes to reset memmcol prepaid meter. Press OK. XFINITY SAMSUNG GALAXY The app itself does need to be connected to the T Mobile cell tower during the unlock process. We also provide free cell phone unlocking instructions how to unlock cell phone. Aug 26 2019 You ll probably be interacting with Umeme s new Yaka prepaid meter more often than the old analogue meters currently being phased out. Indonesia. To Unlock Your STC ALCATEL Modem choose your model select your area write email id IMEI And Click On Pay Now and get your code instantly. Unlock Cell Phone World 39 s biggest provider of Cell Phone Unlock Codes. Step 2 Create a bank beneficiary Code of Practice on Pre Paid Meters We will ensure our customers understand our Pre Paid meter charges. We supply Coolpad unlock codes for 18 Coolpad cell phone models. If you ve purchased a device from Vodafone Australia 3 Mobile or Crazy John s and want to use it on another provider s network you ll need to network unlock it. Likes Peter nbsp 20 Jul 2020 how to unlock prepaid meter. 2 Highli Pr Ba an D Cl H Re Bu Pl So Ri Su anual HXE Pls i need the c code for this Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Modem using pic microcontroller project. VAT not inclusive . Change the default PIN code for more security. Look for and click Mobile Device Unlock. Prepaid meter codes for recharging and checking balance The first step is to configure your smart card at any of the disco outlets close to you. First the unit came with only 20 preloaded units. 5 while that of the Three phase prepaid meter is just N67 055. 6 Jul 2019 Meaning and Solution to Prepaid Meter Showing Link Error. com How to unlock the Moto E4 Verizon Prepaid step by step guide on how to unlock the Verizon Prepaid Moto E4 to be use in any GSM carrier. If you mistakenly type the code press the red button to cancel the activation. User interfaced units UIU have been provided to all households where the system has been installed and units can be bought at AFTER numerous complaints about prepaid electricity meters in Alberton the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality EMM has given the following explanation as to why residents need to make the switch. Its functions include energy measurement data display communication prepayment UMEME control keypad input and inquiry anti tampering etc. Follow the instructions to unlock your device. It can realize the functions of active energy measuring and pre payment control. This token is understood by the prepaid meter as an amount of electricity units KWH . The PUK code is different from our device lock code. Our Website defies what other Sites do not. The carrier is even doing its part to make it easy to unlock a phone by actually notifying a person when their phone is ready to be unlocked. This video is How to Recharge Digital Electric Prepaid Meter . Target has possibly a great deal this BF. Repeat the process for every code separately until the device notifies unlocking. Get the best free solution to bring your code home Getting ahead of the contract you signed with the mobile network operator upon purchasing your new Verizon cell phone device has never been easier and simpler. BYPL Payments Pay Online Prepaid Meter Recharge BYPL_Footer_Content . In a situation where a customer Unlock Verizon phone code generator can calculate your missing cell phone code for free. Apr 22 2020 The approved price for EKEDC prepaid meter under the MAP framework is 36 991. 99 Select options. To restore supply the reason for the tamper must be resolved and then the tamper condition must be cleared using a tamper reset token. Our unlocking tool allows you to easily unlock your mobile device for free regardless of which carrier you re signed up with. AIM is part of an ongoing national smart grid movement that seeks to integrate Jul 26 2019 The phone is a T Mobile device. Rejected and Wrong TAR A 60 digit or 40 digit code. The one exception to the 60 day rule is Verizon prepaid smartphones Short Code A short code is a memorable 5 or 6 digit number. Don 39 t use the app. There are several ways to recharge your prepaid meter But first let know more about this prepaid meter that now use mostly in all part of Nigeria. 11 11 2011. Apr 26 2011 Please help. It can help you to manage arrears. You need to unlock your Verizon IMEI number to be able to use another carrier SIM Card or use your phone while travelling in another country. Insert a non accepted SIM Card. A customer purchases electricity token and credit units to his meter by typing a given code on the meter s customer interface unit screen. How To Borrow Credit On Prepaid Meter 414 How To Borrow Credit On Prepaid Meter Code 414 it is quite expected that once in a while Consumers can suddenly run out of credit on their prepaid meter. Property 39 s Bank Account by you before you can purchase a Prepaid Electricity token. Congo Remote Keypad CIU Recharge Token Codes STS Compliant Prepaid Water Meter CA568 is Calinmeter 39 s multi jet wet dry type STS prepaid water meter. Needless to say T Mobile cannot unlock if you re using a phone from a different carrier. Dec 19 2019 Before you mail the phone or dispose of the sim card you need to call Tracfone to get the unlock code. Most suppliers require users to buy unlock codes which vary between eight and 16 numbers in length. Breadcrumb. Check out how to contact us to request an unlock code. Verizon doesn t have any request portal or step by step guidelines Itron and EDMI Collaborate to Launch SMETS2 Gas Meter in the UK . Home Prepaid Meter Complaints porto_faqs Apr 13 2020 Unlock codes for LG Tracfone devices vary between models and online unlocking services. prepaid phones require 6 months of PAID active use on AT amp T before you can unlock the phone. This code is then transformed by a software inside your prepaid electricity meter into a token. Five out of ten houses use a prepaid meter of course In Nigeria. Het toestel werkt dan alleen met een simkaart van n bepaalde provider en is geblokkeerd voor simkaarten van andere providers. If you are having trouble unlocking your device contact us at 1 877 746 0909 or check out our troubleshooting XFINITY UNLOCK CODE Best Selling Products. Unlocking your device from Vodafone. Sep 25 2019 To apply for pre paid meter for Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited one can visit the company s website www. Mostly if you have a prepaid meter in your house it means that the electricity company will give you the amount of energy that you used in the quarter or month. tatapower ddl. For any paid unlock we provide a money back guarantee. Meter tampering or bypassing is when you make the meter to either stop functioning under register or even stop registering how much electricity your house building consumes. Date HS Code Description Origin Country Port of Discharge Unit Quantity Value INR Per Unit INR Nov 21 2016 90289090 BRASS BODY 15MM LW ITEM CODE 27450604010307BMC DRAWING NO 27450604010314A WATER METER PARS PART OF WATER METER Jan 18 2019 Prepaid Phones. To assist further what is the make and model of the device Is this for Postpaid or Prepaid When you attempt to use the unlock codes provided within the link what Sep 20 2020 The prepaid account with the device must have 100 in refills since first use date How to unlock your T Mobile phone You can call T Mobile at 1 877 746 0909 or visit its support site to schedule Mar 23 2019 Read Also How to Recharge Phcn Prepaid Meter. Choose Register Meter quot . Your IMEI Number should be either 15 or 17 digits long. Of course the phone will not work in the foreign country if it does not have the right radio bands in hardware. Where to Buy Credit Prepaid World. Cell phone unlock codes for Samsung Apple HTC LG and more. Official Sim Network Unlock Pin Code Generator for all cell phone like LG Alcatel Samsung Sony Motorola Nokia Huawei ZTE devices for free Carrier Sim Unlock codes. Even with the convenience that come with the KPLC prepaid meters it is still not easy for most people more so first time users to get a grasp of this such as the prepaid electricity meter number. If you re unhappy with the service you have to either put up with it or be willing to fork over hefty fees for breaking a contract. Key Button after entering recharge code Key 1 Credit left in days. Apply the unlocking code in your phone It has never been easier to unlock a Sprint cell phone or Sprint tablet. In addition they eliminate administrative hassles associated with disconnection and reconnection. Please the sticker on the prepaid meter. May 07 2011 No. TheUnlockCode. I once had the number but I can t find it again. Sprint can provide the MSL code to eligible customers however this does not mean that the device will be able to be successfully used on any other carrier domestically. I unlocked mine with an unlocked code provided by the T Mobile Customer Service Agent. airbag . Yet its practice is still controversial. It does not matter if there is still available funds or not once the tampering has taken place and bypassing. Together with the modern look and feel it can be used in a wide range of application for all consumer types. It s unlikely it will work even when unlocked. Switch on the device and enter your PIN if necessary . or Part 4 Unlock Free for LG unlock code Unlock Free offers free unlock codes for LG as well as for other cellphone models and brands. So no matter if you use iPhone Alcatel or some other cell phone brand you can unlock it whit free unlock cell phone codes from this post bellow. After activating SIM lock you must enter the PIN code if you move the SIM card to another device. I mean who wouldn t love their Meters to read slowly PAY ATTENTION Read all the best tech How tos only on Richeetech. The meter is pay as you go no direct debit or security deposit. It doesn t matter if it 39 s an old Coolpad or one of the latest releases with UnlockBase you will find a solution to successfully unlock your Coolpad fast. Enter your meter serial number the number you always use to buy credit with and press enter. Short codes can be used to send and receive text messages via basic mobile phones. Prepaid Water Meters. How can I unlock my device Eligible postpaid customers can request a SIM unlock and or request the associated MSL Code by contacting Sprint Customer Care at 888 211 4727. Write it down too in case you need it in the future. If you keep using the card without telling us you have moved you will continue to top up the meter at your old address. ALSO READ The new Hexing Yaka Prepaid Meter All you need to know about these devices. Aug 14 2020 Call the customer care center by dialing 888 944 9400 Follow the instructions given by the representative and provide them with the information that is required to unlock your phone. How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A50 by Code. To unlock the SIM card in your AT amp T PREPAID SM formerly GoPhone device Contact us to get the PUK code. Dial either 611 from your Verizon Wireless Prepaid phone or call 1 888 294 6804 from another phone to speak with a Verizon Wireless representative. and aided identification code. Search for Prepaid Meter Complaints. Log In. As the customer uses electricity his her credit balance is reduced each day until the units are exhausted prompting the customer to top it up. Once installed tenants top up their prepayment meters by purchasing power codes vended by M PAYA Prepaid. The meter now shows a unhappy face. Once installed tenants top up their prepayment meters by purchasing power codes vended by Metro Prepaid across thousands of stores in the UK. Code to borrow from prepaid meter Code to borrow from prepaid meter Meter User M 1. There are several advantages to prepaid debit cards and when you consi AT T Wireless sells phones that are locked to the carrier s network. Provide you with list of outlets where you can buy credit for your prepaid meter if you ask us. Reply. Metering Functionality. 2 . These engagements will be conducted through various means such as meetings with the community leadership and community public addresses. LG phones are on the market since the beginning and since the 2000s are also in the top 5 annual sales by manufacturer so they have made over time enough fans that buy their phones. Where can I find this. Checkout other services here energy management system Accl Nov 04 2017 Unlock Code this can be found in the procedure usually this is 8 digit numbers which is very important for unlocking modems. Currently everyone can agree that the most complicated problem which the smartphone users have is the network lock. com provides a FREE service that will generate your Phones Unlock and Master Security codes FREE No Hidden Catches No Charges. Unlock T mobile Samsung Phones The Samsung series of phones including Samsung Galaxy S4 S3 Samsung T499 Samsung T939 Behold 2 and Samsung E1150 locked to T Mobile are supported for unlocking using codes provided by GSMLiberty. CTIA and the carriers that are signatories to the Consumer Code for Wireless Service Consumer Code have voluntarily adopted the principles disclosures and practices here for wireless service provided to individual consumers including voice messaging and data services sold either on a postpaid or prepaid basis. This is the case because the carrier imposes a restriction on the smartphones they rent and makes them work How to unlock prepaid meter Method 1 Go to the dial screen on your phone as if you are going to make a call and press 7465625 638 Once prompted for code enter the 8 digit Unlock Code. Some make models may vary and price will be displayed before checkout once you have entered your mobile phone Fit a prepaid meter and the display unit if you ask us provided we can put the meter in a safe and suitable place. Meter activation takes about two days. MCU UIU Based on the globally recognized STS standard the solution securely handles the process of adding credit to the balance and ensures proper validation whether STS tokens are added onsite by the consumer via the keypad for the prepaid electric meter or remotely by the utility. Network unlock code I have recently been on the phone to Telstra about finding a network unlock code for my Telstra phone to use it with a European sim card. An electricity meter is used to measure the amount of electricity supplied to a residential or commercial building. Your meter number can be registered on our database within 30 seconds. A prepaid card is a great gift for yourself or someone else. Short Code Prepaid Online Vending Prepaid Meters Sep 28 2018 Present them with your card which carries your prepaid meter codes or number Request for the credits you can afford Your account will be credited by the agent and you would be given a slip containing a 20 digit code along with your receipt. According to your device version the representative will provide you a code that will unlock your phone. The first is the classic software that you will need to download to your computer and use the USB cable. i have very many easy and more viable ways of hacking any PEBS prepaid electricity billing system . what you need to know about using a prepaid meter to pay for your electricity. you need to put only your modem IMEI And EMail. Mr Admin the solution you have outlined doesn 39 t necessitate to the PEBS that is usually hanged up the electric poles with the CIU in the customers house for refilling the voucher token. Whit this unlock package codes you can unlock any cell phone brand and model in the world. The American Express Prepaid Card is one of the best values in the prepaid card market. When you turn on your device the message Sim Network Unlock Pin will be displayed along with an empty space where Sep 13 2020 Lumia Unlock Credits Sam key Samsung Unlock Accounts Credits Sony Unlock by Cable Instant Reset 0 Counter Supported Z3x Samsung Refil Credits Z3X Unlock Credits 50 Credits Pack Z3X Unlock Credits Pack 30 Credits DC Unlocker Full activation for Infinity Box Dongle Octoplus FRP Tool Activation Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation The Hexing Yaka Prepaid meter has an LCD display and keypad input which users will recharge using Tokens they buy. It is noteworthy that while a phone from Sprint or Verizon may be SIM unlocked it still doesn 39 t guarantee its compatibility with an MVNO AT amp T or T Mobile. PHCN Prepaid Meter If you have a store or a small shade you can convert this into a source of income for yourself by helping people to charge their prepaid meters with you charging Apr 04 2017 The meter that will be installed here is super secured with encryption of the communication and tamper detection that will send a message to the electric company and alos erase the stored The sound can become annoying and irritating more especially at night but there are ways you can stop the beeping sound. Permanent. If you receive your code in this format 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890. Proceed as follows to unlock your Huawei device Insert into the device a SIM from a different provider than Swisscom. You can view BPDB Bangladesh Power Development Board Electricity bills through nbsp Prepaid Secure Meter Vending. There has already been the distribution of substantial amounts of Prepaid meters. I paid the 25 bill and she said that I would receive an email within 48 hours including the code and instructions but it has now been 4 days with no email. ALL ONLINE RECHARGE SHALL BE nbsp iii Display shows wrong date and time call 1912 . If that s not enough models of phones released after February 2015 will unlock on their own once the phone becomes eligible. Additionally your needs might change and you find yourself trapped in a plan Staying in touch with family and friends is a priority when we re not living close by. Find below the prepaid meter codes for recharging and checking balance easily. The transfer of secure data from a point of sale to the meter is carried out via a 20 digits number generated according to the STS Standardized Transfer How to enter unlock code on Samsung models SGH A127 SGH E840 SGH F210 SGH J600 SGH T749. U. Recommended Apr 15 2016 This video details how you can unlock your meter by sending the end service message. If your meter displays 39 locked out 39 this could mean you have entered a power code incorrectly several times and you have now been locked out. To get your metre number on Conley Meter Box kindly press 100 with the Enter key. To get your metre number on Actaris Meter Box please dial 100 and press either enter or the Here are the steps I would say it 39 s the NUC Code Insert another carrier SIM into your Samsung other than the original SIM card. Enter the unlock code into the blank field. Key Change Token Sometimes the meter is on a different Tariff from what the meter number was programmed on. This means that the municipality has blocked your meter from purchasing electricity till the block is lifted. Standard Definition 082 Meter tamper switch status. Cellunlocker. Jan 25 2008 Is it possible to unlock Total Wireless Prepaid iPhone SE sold by Target this BF Hey everyone wish you all a happy thanksgiving. If you enter the token correctly the screen will display ACCEPT which means that you have successfully recharged your prepaid meter. There are some codes that are standard on all of this particular prepaid meter type. Steps to take when buying prepaid electricity online. On March 21 2019 the prepaid water meter entered the sealing operation stage. Enter 789 You will now be able to enter the unlock code. Part 4 Unlock Free for LG unlock code Unlock Free offers free unlock codes for LG as well as for other cellphone models and brands. Reasons for rejecting voucher code call 1912 . 083 Not used. If you have a locked 3G World Device phone with Verizon you can use unlock code 000000 or 123456 or call 800 922 0204 for help. If you have a prepaid phone there are two requirements you must meet before you can receive your unlock code The device has been active on the T Mobile network for more than one year. Consumer ID. The move comes as it is owed close to N 1 billion in arrears for services rendered. It has practically no fees. This is code is a unique number assigned to all mobile phones to identify them internationally. for any further deals about Deep bhayani on March 7 2017 at 8 36 pm said How to unlock prepaid meter There stand four temples in a row in a holy place. pin. When you get home enter the 20 digit code through the UIU Keyboard. Get a prepaid electricity meter box and avoid landlord tenant issues. This paper uses cost benefit analysis to assess the adoption of prepaid Unlockitfree. Smart Meters in Texas In Texas the most common way you ll pay for a prepaid or a postpaid contract based electric plan is with a smart meter. Sep 11 2019 There are 2 different types of prepaid meters offered under the Meter Asset Provider MAP program the single phase prepaid meters and the Three phase prepaid meters. I tried to load my meter with airtime but it said failed. Jan 01 2017 See more of Prepayment electricity meter fault solution. So the steps you use to silence one meter may not essentially be the same as the one used on another meter. Make sure that the control box is connected to a power source. Following the 60 day lock period following device purchase we do not lock our phones at any time. Prepaid Meter Online Recharge MSPDCL Prepaid Voucher Online Recharge User Manual 5 Figure 7 MSPDCL payment acknowledgement Page Step 8 Consumer has to click on the Download Receipt button to get the voucher code in a PDF file. Whit this download you will get all our applications too for free. I m discus about prepaid electric meter coding alarm off emergency balance check kw and co The default PIN code for an AT amp T SIM card is 1111. Present them with your card which carries your meter number Request for the credits you can afford Your account will be credited by the agent and you would be given a slip containing a 20 digit code along with your receipt. Please note that only with the entry of the correct IMEI number a valid unlock code can be generated. Dec 26 2015 To get free Verizon unlock codes for your mobile phones you need to know the IMEI code of your mobile phone. Thanks. Now enter the unlock code that you have just received via SMS from Swisscom. Included is our 24 7 Customer Support You can check your order at any time with our Live Order Updates system. Deloused provided an excellent link detailing options for locked devices. cell phone unlock codes free download Burj Tech IMEI Cell Phone Unlock MotoBlade Unlock Cell Phone Video Converter and many more programs Apr 29 2017 Prepaid Electricity Energy Meter is a good concept in which you can recharge its balance like we do in our mobile phones. Using Unlock Free to get an LG unlock code 1. Once you get the unlock codes for your phone you can insert a SIM card from a network different from the one your If you can t remember your PIN and want to unlock your SIM card you ll need an 8 digit Personal Unlocking Key PUK code. This code Unlockitfree. Make sure you let us know so we can link your swipe card to the meter at your new home. It 39 s almost a month now and I can 39 t recharge PHCN official doesn 39 t have any more solution for me. The barcode printed on your sticker is the unique identification for your meter. 2 Meter Handling The integrated prepaid keypad meter should be handled carefully as this unit comprise of very delicate and sophisticated electronics. Waterwatch supply rent and manage SABS approved prepaid water meters of the best manufacturers available in South Africa. To check the meter number key in 100 and press enter on the prepaid meter. quot hacking the prepaid electricity service quot . Please provide the input value. Jun 23 2015 It means that most prepaid meters accept the same code a 20 digit encrypted code which prevents fraudulent vouchers from being generated. The first digit is your meter number 2nd and 3rd are activation codes to link your account number to the meter Apr 05 2020 My phones been active for years and it started popping up saying no sim inserted so I pulled it out to make sure it was in correctly and now its asking for network unlock code. Conlog Prepaid Meter Hack Codes Get a prepaid electricity meter box and avoid landlord tenant issues. You have not requested more than 2 unlock codes in the last 12 months. Bilal Malik. This support article will give you key information about unlocking your device from Vodafone s network. Apr 01 2010 When it come to the issue of prepaid meter they can never cheat you because you only recharge your card with any of the denormination just as they do with DSTV the prepaid meter is programmed to deduct it as you use the energy just as GSM Pay As You Go. Using a meter. Jan 21 2018 Question Need unlock code for verizon zte z839 What is the network unlock code for Moto g6 play that Verizon uses Solved straight talk SIM into Verizon unlocked phone Unlock code ZTE z839 Verizon phone How can unlock my Verizon phone and use my country simusic card on it i need a unlock pin for a verizon galaxy core prime phone Lost Moto e4. You can get your IMEI code below the battery of your mobile phone or by dialing 06 . A smartphone Laptop or Desktop with an active internet Prepaid meter number Usually written boldly on the body of your prepaid meter ATM card details for customers who cannot transfer Master Verve Visa cards Phone number This is where the token will be sent Recharging your meter with the codes. The meter works with a low power motor driven hydraullical conlog prepaid meter codes. Cellular will not unlock devices that are lost stolen or obtained fraudulently. iPhone SE 32 GB variant is up for grab at 99 which is a very great deal. CONLOG meter box Dial Dial 100 then enter or press HEXING meter box Dial Dial 804 then press enter or ACTARIS Meter Box. Feb 04 2020 The City of Windhoek is considering an increased rollout of prepaid electricity meters in an effort to generate revenue. Geactualiseerd 17 06 2019. com. Here are the best smartphones you can get from Walmart today Verizon customers Save 300 instantly on Galaxy S20 on any Verizon Unlimited pla If you purchased your mobile phone through Virgin it came locked to that network. I 39 ve tried yesterday 39 s reset code but it obviously only works once The meters comply with the IEC 62052 11 amp 62053 21 standard for accuracy class 1 or 2. It s just like having cash in your wallet but it s also used like a credit card so it needs to be kept safe. Useful Links Remote unlocking by IMEI is performed by generating a phone specific unlock code for your AT amp T Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 mobile Hotspot. The unlock code is based on the phone s IMEI serial number. If you can t remember your PIN and want to unlock your SIM card you ll need an 8 digit Personal Unlocking Key PUK code. Prepaid meters Is an electronic device that introduced by the Nigerian Power sector as a result of the privatization of the power sector by the federal Use the code 024 to view extended meter number for STS only. Head to the Unlock Free website. Provide you with information on procedures conditions and timescales for removing or re setting your prepaid meter. The same 30 units will be recovered from you subsequently. 00 out of 5. 11 24 2011. This means that the meters are able to accept the same 20 digit encrypted code which prevents fraudulent vouchers from being generated. Press 01 on the keypad followed by the enter button. 084 Last post paid prepaid tenancy change MTTD nbsp 28 Nov 2019 Prepaid electricity meter codes are jargon to inexperienced users therefore prompting them to seek expert help. Can I still receive my phone s Unlock Code Yes. The Standard Transfer Specification STS technology enables consumers to buy prepaid water at the same retailers or on the internet as is done with prepaid electricity. Cellular. The decoding unlock LG codes process is very simple when you have the right tool in your hands The universal unlock LG code generator can serve you to break any type of restrictions on any LG cell phone model no meter which is the exact carrier network that you are using at the moment z The meter should be fixed in a firm fire resistant surface that do not shake easily. The meter will display the correct current available credit if the steps were followed correctly . Municipal Manager Dr Sitembele Vatala said that the prepaid system work in a similar way as the electrical prepaid system. Just buying it and waiting 6 months will not unlock the phone. Therefore in this post electricity consumers in Nigeria will get details on how to activate your prepaid meters. 4 5. Try the appropriate code once. mobile phone unlock code generator free download Free Unlock Network Code for Android Phones Unlock your LG phone by code mobile unlock code chart and many more programs Sep 20 2020 Unlock a Verizon Phone. Theses meters have excellent anti tamper features. Verizon for years has made it extremely easy to unlock one of their phones with the unlock code at all. You pay just 2 for ATM withdrawals but the first one each month is free. Select Electricity Purchases quot . The roll out of the programme will begin with a consultation process with all stakeholders and members of the community. The city was owed N 935 million at 31 December 2019 while a total of N 663 million was owed 30 days before December. Unlocked phones can be sold for much more than locked phones so I asked sprint for my unlock code. Prepaid Devices And Exceptional Cases Mar 29 2019 Contact Verizon Wireless to obtain the unlock code for your device after 12 months of having activated the device. This is a reliable site that will do the job with little hassle. The device for unlocking mobile devices is in two versions. Then click on the Root Button. Please Select the input type. If your Verizon mobile phone is locked you can unlock it today with free unlock codes. POLOKWANE These residents were unable to upload electricity. Apr 01 2018 Am I eligible to receive the unlock code No. Cellular cannot unlock devices that have not been sold or provided by U. Cellular s customer service line on 611 from a U. 1 Front 1. Download the Unlock Verizon phone code generator tool from here. And that s it. . cell phone networks use either CDMA Code Division Multiple Access or GSM Global System for Mobiles radio systems. com Provides the simplest yet most advance and accurate technology to successfully unlock your mobile. Prepaid accounts The device must have been active on the account for at least one year. We supply Huawei unlock codes for 1 000 Huawei cell phone models. Unlock your cell phone for any GSM carrier. South Africa s prepaid electricity meters use STS technology or Standard Transfer Specification. DDSY198 is the newest single phase STS certified smart prepaid keypad electronic energy meter of ZCM. The Customer Interface Unit is not having a strong communication link with your nbsp HEXING CIU EV100 PREPAID METER CODES. All you need to know is your IMEI number press 06 on your device network lock and model. After the configuration you can then use your smart card to recharge your electronic energy prepayment unit. Samsung Galaxy s5 at amp t phone amp sim so whats the problem The unlock portal is requesting a unlock code amp waiting for an email back. The only thing you will be asked to do is buy new wire which will work effectively with the electrical device. If you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy A50 to use with the sim card of your choice then you are at the right place. IMEI 354363050980956 IMEI 354363050981004 Many thanks. Jan 05 2014 Prepaid energy meter using gsm CHAPTER 5 ADVANTAGES OF PREPAID ENERGY METER ADVANTAGES Improved operational efficiencies The prepaid meters are likely to cut the cost of meter reading as no meter readers are required. What are the prepaid electricity meter reset codes and how do I reset my Landis gas meter Users experiencing issues with their meters should feed in Landis Gyr prepaid meter reset code to fix most problems including token entry. S. For customers who need to troubleshoot their prepaid meters this post will provide answers to some frequently asked question about the MOJEC prepaid meter. Since launching this phone unlocking service over 73 325 customers have already received Huawei unlock codes. If your Motorola Cell Phone is Locked to a certain carrier you can remove this lock and use your Motorola with any network worldwide. If you 39 re unable to enter the unlock code dismiss the notification advising that the phone is locked. Simplicity. T Mobile cannot unlock a non T Mobile device. Your prepaid account must have more than 25 in refills for basic phones or 100 in refills for smartphones. Prima Meterindo. Overv HXE12 KP Its main fun control key 1. Since launching this phone unlocking service over 1 887 customers have already received Coolpad unlock codes. Exception O2 Prepaid Surfstick Using a Meter. Prepaid Device Unlocking Policy Devices that you purchase from Verizon and certain devices purchased from one of our authorized retailers are locked for 60 days after activation. 85 only. For any free Trialpay unlock that doesn t meet your expectations we will keep your credit on file for a future unlock or reimburse you if you have paid for your offer as a courtesy. After 60 days we will automatically remove the lock unless the device is deemed stolen or purchased fraudulently. Itron Inc. Simply add your municipal meter number your name and your email address. 5. To confirm your phone is indeed unlocked you can dial 611 from the device or call Verizon s customer service at 800 922 0204. 50 for a single phase meter and 67 055. Ganz Meter Company Ltd. South Africa. But while checking your power balance reloading new Yaka units or entering the token code you might encounter some errors. Procedure to get recharge code. Unlock your cell phone within minutes at home with Master Unlock Code. Op sommige toestellen zit een simlock een digitaal slot op je mobiele telefoon. 2 MB Views 277. With these meters customers are able to regulate their electronic energy consumption and recharge easily at their Sep 01 2019 Prepaid customers may have a pre paid device unlocked any time after 12 months from the first activation of the device sought to be unlocked on the U. Our energy meters electricity or water meters are available in single phase 1 phase or three phase 3 phase from a variety of manufacturers such as Landis Gyr Elster Hexing Genus amp Utility Systems. Cellular network U. The examples of the brands are CONLOG HEXING ACTARIS and SHENZEN meter boxes. Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 device is a quite simple process. The prepaid electricity meter codes use a 20 digit PIN to recharge the balance. Apr 27 2020 Go to your prepaid meter and enter the 20 digit code through the UIU Keyboard correctly on the LCD screen. Re How do I unlock my prepaid PHCN meter Reply by Chukky on Tuesday September 22 2015 at 10 2 8 A code was sent to me supposedly to unlock before I nbsp 21 Sep 2020 If you 39 re searching for the PHCN Prepaid Meter cheat to make your Polaris Skye Bank Transfer Code How To Transfer Money amp Recharge. With a Metro Prepaid sub meter tenants can track and monitor their electricity consumption and top up their meters as and when they see fit. Since the power sector has been privatized there have been some few tweaks everywhere in the country. Being one who purchase credit of 30 and sometimes 50 thousand naira before I knew the reading was in thousands of negative credit. DOWNLOAD PDF FILE. KPLC meters activation can be done from the comfort of your home through purchasing tokens via M PESA and AirtelMoney. However T Mobile should still provide you with the unlock code. . Our process is 100 safe and secure. Unlock your Verizon in three steps fast and simple Legal amp Permanent this service will keeps the Verizon warranty Safe amp Recommended Verizon unlocking procedure Mar 18 2015 Unlock Motorola Moto E4 Step by step instructions on how to unlock your Moto E4. Devices that you purchase from Verizon and certain devices purchased from our retail partners are locked for 60 days after activation. This means TWO flats to one meter each which will be a total of 5 for the 10 flats. The PUK code is what we provide you if your SIM Card gets locked and you run into issues with using your device. If your new home does not have a prepaid meter please leave the Pls i need the c code for this Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Modem using pic microcontroller project. Smart Meters. Know more details click here prepaid meter. HS Code Description Destination Port of Loading Unit Quantity Value INR Per Unit INR Nov 21 2016 90283010 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY METER ENERGY METER PROMETER RACK TYPE CW0365243824 CR101650 TO CR101669 United Kingdom Delhi Air Cargo NOS 20 764 774 38 239 Nov 21 2016 90283010 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY METER ENERGY METER PROMETER RACK TYPE Property 39 s Bank Account by you before you can purchase a Prepaid Electricity token. Please help Jul 19 2019 Prepaid Device Unlocking Policy. Unlocked phones work with more than one service provider. Turn ON your phone without Sim Card Type 0111 CODE CODE is the Unlock Code I sent you Device should say quot Network Lock Deactivated quot The phone may reboot and the unlock is completed . The test continues to step through the sequence automatically briefly displaying the data shown for each step. 3. Single three Phase Prepaid Smart Meter With Options Of Rf Card gsm amp gprs Code rs485 With Aggregator Find Complete Details about Single three Phase Prepaid Smart Meter With Options Of Rf Card gsm amp gprs Code rs485 With Aggregator Prepaid Meter Smart Card Billing And Payment Automation from Energy Meters Supplier or Manufacturer SUNX INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PRIVATE LIMITED prepaid electricity meter reset codes. Conlog prepaid meter hack codes Conlog prepaid meter hack codes Unlock your LG mobile phone with codes that are calculated and then generated based on IMEI series number. Put the Power in Your Tenants 39 Hands with Quality Prepaid Meters Here 39 s How Prepaid Meters Can Help Your Tenants Save Money pin. The cost of the Single phase Meter is N36 991. All you have to do is to enter the unlock code into your device via standard web interface. In order to ensure the waterproof function of water meter electronic components We used two times of glue brushing sealing process the first time using electronic glue to fix and complete the initial sealing of electronic components. Jul 17 2018 The specifics for unlocking your prepaid phone can vary depending on the phone and carrier. KEYPAD INSTRUCTION Key Button before entering recharge code. Ask the agent for the code plug in another SIM card and unlock. 84. A tamper reset token clears the tamper condition on meters that are in 39 tamper mode 39 . Sprint PUK code Retrieval SIM unlock The default PIN Number for all Sprint Prepaid and Postpaid mobile SIM card is unique for each mobile SIM Sprint is the major telecom network which offers high speed data connection to Puerto Rico amp United States Virgin Islands customers through Prepaid and postpaid plans. After 60 days we will automatically remove the lock. Where can I buy energy from You can vend through any of our available payment nbsp 22 Sep 2020 ALSO READ The new Hexing Yaka Prepaid Meter All you need to know about these devices 831 TOKEN code of last 2nd recharge. Unlock your cell phone today Prepaid service was made possible through innova tions in metering technology including replacement of analog meters with digital meters culminating in what are called Advanced Metering Infrastructure AIM meters or smart meters. When contacting the carrier be prepared to provide The phone Ikeja Electric meters over 120 000 households June 22 2020 Search for Close. February 18 2017 at 6 01 pm . Now you should see a box to enter Enter network unlock code . Please follow these steps Get the unique unlock code of your SAMSUNG Amp 2 from here Take out the original SIM Card from your phone Samsung Galaxy Amp 2. The device lock code is what we provide for eligible customers to unlock their device to use on other carriers. No not looking for a token keygen here Does anyone know what other codes exist such as 39 i 001 39 to show current usage for prepaid meters Are there any others Also would anyone know if the Re How do I unlock my prepaid PHCN meter Reply by Chukky on Tuesday September 22 2015 at 10 2 8 A code was sent to me supposedly to unlock before I can load but each time I key it in I get 39 failed 39 response. Electronic payment is everywhere you go. From what I can find on the prepaid meters once there has been any tampering it requires new tokens code to be purchased in order to enter that and clear it out. View directions to our Durban branch here. The smart prepaid split meters will be provided at no cost to customers. DEF Nov 25 2014 Received my unlock code from sprint but how do I unlock my phone I recently upgraded to an Iphone 6 plus and now I want to unlock my iphone 5 to sell it on ebay. Cellular Oct 21 2019 I can 39 t use my prepaid SIM card. com is the best Free Remote unlocking service since 2006 Unlockit free provides Free DCT3 and Nokia DCT4 unlocking via remote code. Jul 06 2020 Metro PCS barricade their Samsung Galaxy A10e with a unique code Your Samsung Galaxy A10e can be barricade free through Free Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy A10e Network Unlock Code. 4. It can also disconnect Jan 02 2018 Buy an unlock code send me an email bettercallmegoodman gmail. How to enter unlock code on Samsung SGH A877 Oct 18 2016 3G prepaid devices are not locked and a simple code of 000000 or 123456 is required to unlock 4G prepaid devices are not locked and require nothing to use elsewhere minus Phone in the Box Disclaimer Code Unlock Store. Prepaid Meter Recharge. pdf. In other parts of the world including parts of Sudan and South Africa customers purchase unique codes that they enter into keypads on their electric meters to keep them going. Just provide us your Motorola 15 or 17 digit IMEI online and we will send you an Unlock Code together with Insert Code instructions guides will be sent to your email address within the time frame given. Luckily for us there is a KPLC prepaid user manual that come with this devices. If your device is prompting for a Network code use the first code only. Is there a software I can use to unlock There has been no known software you cna use to unlock a PUK. If a Motorola device isn t currently displaying Enter PUK enter 05 before entering the PUK code. If you believe your phone is locked to our network you may be able to unlock it by retrieving yourInternational Mobile Equipment Identity IMEI number that is used to identify your device. Prepaid Meter. If they still won 39 t give you an unlock code tell them you 39 ve filed a complaint and you have a reference number. The suspect Pelumi Oloyede Bello had gone to install prepaid meters for some residents of Akinwunmi street Ile Epo area of Ejigbo when he met the victim names withheld who was trying to recharge her parent s prepaid meter. Click the Unlock button wait a few minutes. Reminder do not try to turn on the meter before you send the end service message. The codes will be displayed on the UIU LCD screen as you type. You can purchase the code from an unlocking service but Prepaid cards are a good alternative for young cardholders those who are new to credit or people with bad credit. The file will also be send to the email id provided by the consumer. The only way to get it is the phone s imei which is also unique of each and every Samsung phone. Private pre paid meter installations in Port Elizabeth Uitenhage and Despatch On this publication I will be talking on prepaid meter codes for recharging and checking balance. If your home uses a prepaid meter and you are an EEDC operator the next few lines below will guide you on how to make payments easily online. Generally however you will need to obtain a code from the carrier in order to unlock your prepaid phone. A City power technician entered a RESET CODE and my meter and electricity supply was fixed. It allows you to pay for your energy supply before you use it. Then mail this code with the phone to your foreign friend. Luckily we have got your back nbsp Households across the world have a Conlog prepaid meter installed at their home making us the largest installed base of around 10 Million Read more nbsp 2 Feb 2013 The only way to get it operating is to make more prepayment and get the tokens code for your unit and then enter it to start the electric again. Below are the USSD to dial on the different types of meter to get your prepaid metre number Conley Meter Box. The meter will come with 30 preloaded units to ensure that your electricity is not interrupted and also to give KPLC adequate time to activate your meter in our pre paid management system. It 39 s asking me to enter network unlock code. This can be very inconvenient if you find yourself traveling abroad as you will have to pay high roamin The BEC23PE is an STS single phase prepayment electricity meter the device section enter the commissioning token or short code via the keypad. You will note that there is a sticker on the front of your meter. All the four temples have 100 steps climb. Submit. Put the unlock code in when they tell it to you so you can verify that it works before you hang up if you have access to another phone that is . Some people are turning to prepaid debit cards to take care of their financial transactions. If you are reading here it means you have gotten the 3 sets of digit from IKEDC office close to you on activating your prepaid meter. There is a number code you press and it stabilize it. Some of the so called usual way is the use of free sim unlock free IMEI unlock code or free phone unlock service that can be found online. Prepaid Meter tampering is both illegal and incredibly dangerous. Sometimes it 39 s possible to get unlock codes for LG phones by calling Tracfone and requesting an unlock code but this only works for eligible phones. During a storm last night the meter went off as did the electricity supply. Service Details and Requirements Jul 30 2019 I am already using a prepaid meter but I have issues with it. We provide the largest database of accurate Unlock Codes and Unlocking solutions in the World today. Verizon 39 s 3G Prepaid Phone in the Box phones can be unlocked after bpdb prepaid meter codesprepaid meter emergency balance code in bangladesh Oct 06 2019 Activating the Prepaid Meter for the first time. I have the Landis Gyr pre paid meter. If you re searching for the PHCN Prepaid Meter cheat to make your prepaid meter read slowly so you can bypass the PHCN Prepaid Metre then you ve come to the right blog. It doesn t matter if it 39 s an old Huawei or one of the latest releases with UnlockBase you will find a solution to successfully unlock your Huawei fast. The meter uses the standard PLC customer interface unit which is common to the Cashpower Gemini PLC and Three Phase PLC products. If you forget your SIM lock PIN code learn how to get the PIN Unlock Key PUK code to unlock your SIM card. . Who the American Express Prepaid Card Is For Credit Rating Required About the American Express An unlocked phone is one that isn t tied to a certain mobile carrier s network. 85 for a three phase prepaid meter. Jul 23 2020 This code is a unique number which is assigned to identify all mobile phones worldwide. You will be get your IMEI code from under your mobile phone battery or by way of dialing 06 . com is an unlock code provider it is not affiliated to any mobile network. They usually do not have bands for non US networks. For. Unlocking of surfsticks Start the utility service of your stick after you put in the new SIM card into the surfstick. Keypad Commands KEYPAD LOCK To unlock or lock the keypad press and hold the key until Un Locked is displayed You can enter any of the following hash commands to return information about your meter like viewing your credit history and water usage as well as many other user friendly features. Actaris Meter Box. Aug 06 2019 Many electricity consumers in Nigeria have been asking How long does it take to activate a prepaid meter and How do I activate my prepaid meter after installation because unfortunately this has been a major challenge for electricity consumers in Nigeria. I would be happy to get help Straton Electrical Pre Paid Electricity and Water Meters. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA while AT amp T and T Mobile use GSM. AT amp T SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD SM F900U UNLOCK CODE 34. You will need to visit the nearest disco offices or dealers and take the smart card with you. Meter blocked. You can recharge the electricity balance through this system just by sending a SMS. The easiest way to unlock your device is via remote IMEI unlock code. document of prepaid energy meter using gsm Prepaid energy meter pin. Fill the form below to get more details about prepaid electricty meters features and price. Unlike many other sites Unlockitfree. May 03 2015 Remote unlocking by code is performed by generating a device specific unlock code for your Netgear Aircard 782S Wi Fi Hotspot. It should be noted that prepaid meters acquired through the MAP scheme cannot be moved from one property to another by the customer. I will Give you Your NCK NSCK SPCK SIM C OTHER FLASH UNLOCK KEY. 2 DF004 1. If your issue is regarding retrieving the unlock code I suggest contacting prepaid customer service on 1300555002. KPLC prepaid meter user guide . Net will reveal the most optimal approach to having a device unlocked at no extra cost. INHE Three Phase Meter nbsp 14 Dec 2011 Supply Group Code SGC Register Register 060 keypad based stand alone or split prepayment electricity meter in a British Standard nbsp 18 Jul 2019 You might be familiar with your current token meter mute code but as Kenya Power therefore introduced the prepaid power meters where nbsp 14 Jul 2020 Prepaid meters Is an electronic device that introduced Firstly check the balance That is not an ABS system code it is a powertrain fault code. Hexing Prepaid Keypad Meter Equipped with proven keypad technology Hexing Prepaid Keypad Meter contains all critical metering token decryption relay disconnection and reverse energy detection functionality. If you happen to know the procedure to put in the unlock code please let me know as well. Whether you are trying to unlock a phone in North America Europe Australia Asia South America and over 180 Countries in the World if we can 39 t do it most likely no one else can. 2. Learn more and check out some prepaid card deals. Here are more tips and information about how to best use a prepaid card. The process is really simple you have to insert into your smartphone another SIM card from a different network provider. Apr 07 2012 I think am a genius. It is super fast amp easy. KEYPAD LOCK To unlock or lock the keypad press and hold the key until obtain from the meter by pressing the indicated code with examples of results. After some periods of use the meter stopped shutting off when my credit got exhausted rather it continue but created negative readings. After logging on to the website you can fill in the Prepaid meters have being widely adopted by utilities in different countries. Make sure your main switches and plugs on the board are up. The phone must not be reported as blocked stolen or lost. The Vodafone unlock code or the Vodafone Network Unlock Code NUC is a code that you can use on your Vodafone device to make it accessible by other networks as well. To receive the unlock code your phone must be active on Metro by T Mobile for a minimum of 180 consecutive continuous days. Just Free User Friendly Unlocking codes Generated Instantly The feedback response on the meter will be Accepted . Activation of the first 7500 prepaid water meters commenced on 23 October 2019. 79 all other makes models start from 5. Please Enter Twelve Digit Consumer Number Build awesome forms in a few clicks jQuery form How To Check Your Prepaid Meter Number. Since most prepaid SIM cards do not require registration there is no way the telco can verify your identity and ownership of the SIM card. Attachments. This means that you cannot use your phone with a different mobile service provider until you get an unlock code. Wait until your phone reads Enter Unlock Code or Sim Network Unlock Pin . An unlocked smartphone is a phone that can work with any cell phone carrier. It is calculated using the huaweicodecalculator Huawei Unlock Code Generator that provides free unlock codes wherein you can unlock as much as 1000 Huawei modems. Getting a new device is exciting I 39 m sorry to hear you 39 re having a difficult time getting it activated. With a very simple and easy to use unlocking method you can unlock Samsung Galaxy A50 in just 3 easy steps. Dial 100 and then press enter or SHENZEN Meter Box. This code Free Unlock Codes Package Informations. Click on the quot Prepaid Services quot menu. Method 2 Go to the dial screen on your phone as if you are going to make a call and press 7465625 638 UNLOCKCODE In order to Unlock your Cell Phone simply select your Phone Manufacturer and Locked Carrier of your Phone from dropdowns Then enter your Phone Model and IMEI Number in the box given. Each electricity connection in the EMM is equipped with an electricity meter. Upon video proof that the code doesn t work you will receive a full refund. Once you have the Vodafone unlock code you can simply remove the existing SIM and use another one The new Hexing CIU EV500 that UMEME is rolling out is a prepaid keypad meter designed for the purposes of prepayment. The card you are about to present carries the disco number. Apr 26 2011 The meter cannot handle all of the appliances etc connected to your plug points. These payments are accumulates throughout the month and transferred to the registered Landlord on the next month. 100 Money back guarantee if we are unable to find the unlock code. 83. Make sure that you plug your meter as close as possible to the electricity box eg if it is in the kitchen plug the meter in one of the kitchen plug. Prepaid telephone cards allow us to use any residential telephone to reach whoever whenever we want. If your device is prompting for a Service Provider code use the third code only. Jan 09 2016 How to unlock the AT amp T Prepaid ZTE Maven 3 Z835 step by step guide Duration 12 25. You can do this by meeting your phone 39 s unlock criteria and then calling your carrier for an unlock code or you nbsp DDZ1513 single phase direct access prepayment energy meter model No. During the 180 day period my account was suspended. If you try to use another carrier s SIM card in an AT T cellphone the device will prompt you for an unlock code. Now enter the 20 digit recharge code for activation. Also prepaid phones are bargain devices with minimum specs. Don 39 t forget to setup your APN settings to make sure your Multimedia messages will work and also to get 4G LTE speeds with your new carrier. 1. Input 009 amp press enter and the current unit on the meter will display. You will want to check this out before you do all the above. 83 out of 5. In some cases carriers provide apps that will guide you through the entire process. No disassembling or technical knowledge is required. This problem should be sorted out by the client directly with the particular municipality. The split prepayment meter consists of two parts the meter and the customer interface unit. The method to trigger the tamper is meter manufacturer specific but will always disconnect supply. How to recharge the meter . What you need to know is that the amount been share per house is Three 3 units per bungalow and if you have more than a storey building you will get more. A window with information and an input field into which you can put the unlock code appears. Some phones are not unlocked and so they can only be used on one provider like Verizo Walmart has a surprising selection of quality smartphones ranging from prepaid options unlocked phones and those for use on carriers like Straight Talk. If you use N 200 out of N 500 you can switch off all The voucher code generated must be punched into the prepaid meter in order to complete the recharge process. net can unlock most GSM Carriers cross the world. Over 40 countries have implemented prepaid meters pin. Pre Paid meters are an easy way to pay for your gas and electricity. Once this nbsp BPDB Mobile application is now Available for your Android mobile devices. It s also desired when college students are away from home or if family members are on business trips. Most noticeable is the introduction of the prepaid meters. In this project we are building a automated system by using Arduino and GSM module. Hi could you please provide me the unlock code for my two Samsung GT S7560M cell phones. Being locked into a cellphone plan is one of the worst things about owning a cellphone. Your T Mobile account as far as the particular phone goes must be in good standing. Exception T Mobile prepaid devices are eligible to be unlocked after 100 in refills have been applied to each active line on the account after the device was purchased. NOTE Make sure to disconnect the power of the power network before installing the meter. Prepaid Meter is Single Device for electricity gas and water measurement. Apr 17 2020 Necessary prerequisite needed to recharge prepaid electricity meter online. Jul 06 2019 The MOJEC Micro star Prepaid Electricity Meter is commonly used by Nigerian electricity DISCOs. on Facebook. May 02 2017 The email containing your unlocking code includes instructions about how to insert your unlock code. Worldwide leader in smart meters and metering solutions Think Smart Think Conlog Conlog is the world s leading metering solutions provider to utilities municipalities and property management companies in South Africa South America the Middle East and Africa at large. Note If this link is not available your device does not have the Mobile Device Unlock App. The municipality has been calling on residents who are owners of properties with prepaid electricity meters to update their information as they are conducting a data cleansing process on the electricity prepaid system to update customer details on the municipal system. Enter the eight digit PUK code in your device. To get your IMEI Number press 06 on your dial pad. prepaid meter unlock code